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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Mount Buffalo The Gorge - South Side Glass Gully
25 Rappiles Rules
Unknown 44m
25 Pathway to Mass Consumption

FA: 2005

Unknown 15m
Mount Buffalo The Gorge - South Side Summit Rim
25 Vertical Tai Chi

FA: Kevin Lindorff, 2005

Unknown 76m
25 Body Heat
Unknown 25m
Mount Buffalo The Gorge - South Side Devilled Cream Buttress
25 The Devil Rides Out
Unknown 72m
Mount Buffalo The Gorge - South Side Isotope Wall
26 Manhattan Project
Unknown 80m
Mount Buffalo The Gorge - South Side Burston's Crevasse
25 Stone Believer
Unknown 37m
25 Typhon

Giant Offwidth/trench going straight up of the first belay of Caligula.

"Typhon was known as the “Father of All Monsters.” Birthed from Gaia (the earth) and Tartarus (the depths of hell), he was said to have been the most ferocious creature ever to roam the earth."

RED TAGGED removed and sent 2/4/18. Have at it!

OWSD. #bringthewide

FA: Chris Ferre & Philly Briglia, 17 Feb 2018

FFA: Chris Ferre, 2 Apr 2018

Mixed trad 20m, 4
26 Breathless
Mixed trad 60m, 2, 10
Mount Buffalo The Gorge - South Side Beowulf Area
26 Run the Gauntlet

FA: Malcolm Matheson Kevin Lindorff

Unknown 50m
Mount Buffalo The Gorge - South Side Sewer Wall
25 M0 Exhibit A
Aid 2
Mount Buffalo The Gorge - South Side The Waterfall South Side
25 Salt Lake City
Unknown 170m
Mount Buffalo The Gorge - North Side North Wall
26 Yellow Moon

Brushed streak on left end of upper part of North Wall. Starts at bottom of second abseil on Comet Ramp at a small flake corner.

FA: Scott Camps, 1991

FFA: Scott Camps & Mark Elliot, 1993

Unknown 70m, 2
25 Straight Edge
Unknown 160m
25 El Supremo

Start: Start atop p2 of Il Duce.

  1. 45m (25)

  2. 25m (23)

  3. 34m (21) As for Führer p4.

FA: Craig Peacock & Kevin Lindorff (1 aid), 1982

FFA: Craig Peacock, 1982

Mixed trad 160m, 3, 3
25 II Duce - El Supremo - Lebensraum Connection
  1. 24m (15) As for Il Duce p1.

  2. 30m (21) As for Il Duce p2.

  3. 45m (25) As for 'El Supremo' p1.

  4. 25m (23) As for 'El Supremo' p2.

  5. 30m (25) As for 'Lebensraum' p2.

Mixed trad 150m, 5, 10
25 Fuhrer
  1. 34m (25)

  2. 34m (25) M3 if aided.

  3. 40m (17)

  4. 34m (21)

FFA: Malcolm Matheson (p1

FA: Chris Dewhirst, John Moore, Ian Guild & Phil Seccomb (M4), 1966

FA: Greg Mortimer, Keith Bell (p3, 4 mostly free & M416), 1972

FFA: Kevin Lindorff (p4), 1977

FA: Glenn Tempest, Kevin Lindorff (p1 25M1 & p2 freed at 25 to roof), 1978

Trad 140m, 4
25 Mein Kampf

Start: Start as for Führer.

  1. 30m (25) - 4 bolts

  2. 43m (25) - 1 bolts

  3. 35m (24) - 3 bolts

  4. 32m (25)

FA: Malcolm Matheson & Steve Monks, 1991

Mixed trad 140m, 4, 13
25 Lebensraum

Start: 'Access' by 2 abseils down the route: 40m to bolted anchor (which is the 3rd belay of Mein Kampf), then another 25m to a trad belay alcove just L of the 2nd belay of 'Lord of the Flies'.

  1. 25m (23) - 7 bolts

  2. 30m (25)

FA: Malcolm Matheson & Steve Monks, 1992

Mixed trad 55m, 2, 10
25 Lord Of The Flies

Start: Stat as for Führer.

  1. 34m (25) As for Führer p1.

  2. 27m (23)

  3. 24m (19)

  4. 35m (23)

  5. 18m (-)

FA: Kevin Lindorff, Glenn Tempest (23M1 & 2 aid bolts at start)

FA: Andrew Thomson & Dave Mudie (M4), 1971

FFA: Malcolm Matheson, 1991

Trad 140m, 5
Mount Buffalo The Gorge - North Side The False Modesty Pinnacle
25 Vanity Fair

Amazing, thin face climbing up the middle of the North face of the pinnacle. 7 FH's, 1 BR. Rap down the South face.

Sport 30m, 8
25 Modesty Blaise
Unknown 30m
Mount Buffalo The Gorge - North Side Queen Victoria Buttress
26 Heaven On A Stick
Unknown 45m
25 The Devil Made Me Do It
Unknown 95m
Mount Buffalo Lake Catani The Monolith
26 Rubber Neck
Unknown 10m
Mount Buffalo Lake Catani Viewpoint Area
25 Memoirs Of An Iconoclast
Unknown 35m
Mount Buffalo Lake Catani Chalwell Galleries
25 Cinderella

The offwidth roof crack visible from the walking track. Crux is at the lip to easier wide crack above.

FA: Rod Young, 1979

Trad 20m
Mount Buffalo The Cathedral
25 Chronic
Sport 30m
Mount Buffalo The Hump Area The Hump
25 Glossop Skins
Unknown 90m
Mount Buffalo The Hump Area Dead Ringers Block
25 Dead Ringers
Unknown 18m
25 Spitting Image
Unknown 15m
25 White Chemical Dustbins
Unknown 18m
Mount Buffalo Tatra Inn Tatra Rocks
25 Rough Cut
Unknown 20m
Mount Buffalo The Horn Area Post Lament Boulder
25 Letter From America
Unknown 20m
Mount Buffalo The Horn Area Dreamworld
26 The Lesbian Dyke (Project)
Unknown 10m
Beechworth Area Beechworth Gorge F
V5 Rocket

Often attempted, rarely topped out on! The highball hand crack is usually top roped as the crux is right at the top. Old school!

FA: Michael Law, 1977

Beechworth Area Beechworth Gorge J
V5 A Little Ray of Sunshine

A striking and powerful line on very smooth overhung rock. Start matched on sloping hold/jug. Head diagonally right and up, top out.

Beechworth Area Mt Pilot Bakery Wall
25 Doughboy

The first closed seam left of the small cave. Hard moves lead to hole and jugs. Lurch left to finger crack with one more hard move at the top. 4 FHs. The top of the crack may need brushing after rain.

FA: Paul Martin & Ryan Butler, 1997

Sport 20m, 4
26 Doughboy Direct Finish

Start as for Doughboy. At jugs continue up the line to where the seam peters out. Head out R (crux) on tiny crimps and then up. 6 FHs.

FA: Robert Cowan, 2000

Sport 25m, 6
Beechworth Area Mt Pilot Falcon Buttress
25 Two Scoops

Start as for Falcon's Lair, move left past the two scoops then up the face past 3 BRs to join Falcon's Lair.

FA: Robert Cowan, John Schwerdfeger & Matt Roper

Mixed trad 45m, 3
Beechworth Area Mt Pilot Dentistry Wall
25 It's A Gas

6m left of Root Canal is a rippled face. Crank your pants off past 5 BRs.

FA: Robert Cowan, 1999

Sport 15m, 5
Felltimber Creek Crag The Citadel The Citadel Proper
V5 R Traverse Of Total Terror

Traverse the big boulder behind "Jumpin" from R to L.

Felltimber Creek Crag The Citadel Hopeless Boulder
V5 Seams Directly Hopeless

Sit start on sloped right hand edge and good left hand crimp directly below 'Hopeless Boulder Direct'. Big move to the seam. Follow 'Seams Hopeless' to top out.

FA: Caleb Hudson, 7 Nov 2013

Felltimber Creek Crag The Citadel Headjams area
V5 Love

Sit start and climb the blunt arete to the R of Headjams. Finish up the finger crack.

Felltimber Creek Crag The Citadel Back of the Citadel
V5 Welcome to Narnia

The R arete of the chimney at the rear of the Citadel. Stand start using sharp RH crimp on face (around head height) and left hand on thin sidepull (about 40cm lower) in chimney. Difficult moves lead to sloper and top out. (Sit start yet to be done...)

FA: Ben Mace, 10 Jun 2015

Felltimber Creek Crag The Dairy Bovine Boulder
V5 Bovine Nation

Sit-start on a big sloper on the boulder under the main roof. Climb the arete to finish matched in a pocket.

FA: Paul Martin, 2000

V5 Traverse Of The Clods

Sit-start just left of Bovine Nation on the sloping ledge. Traverse left to join Cowgirls and Indians.

FA: Paul Martin, 2000

Felltimber Creek Crag The Dairy Lower Tier
V5 Rolling In The Hay Direct Start

Straight up the orange wall. Scary!

Felltimber Creek Crag The Dairy
V5 R Orange Wall Direct

Straight up the orange wall. Scary!

FA: Paul Martin, 2000

Snobs Creek Snobs Little Boulder
V4/5 The Theory of Change

Long moves on sharp crimps to small rail and good feet.

FA: Michael Lehmann, 25 Sep 2019

Boulder 5m

Showing all 50 routes.

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