Belougery Spire is the first of many breath-taking rock features encountered en route to the Grand High Tops.

The climbs of Belougery Spire include both short and long routes, varying in grade from easy to more difficult, with the 'Warrumbungles factor' of route-finding adding to the difficulties.

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From Camp Pincham, follow the hiking trail to the Grand High Tops. From here, a vague track leads northeast following a ridge to the base of the spire. To get to start of climbs either scramble onto half-way ledge or walk down the left side or right side of the spire. One other, adventurous, option is to approach the spire's climbs from Hurleys Campsite.

Descent from the spire can be quite serious. From the summit saddle, at the log-book container, scramble down to a boulder between the middle and south summits where there is a bolt with a home made hanger on it as well as a sling. From here you can abseil down on a single 60m (or scarily scramble) to a set of chains from which you can either abseil to a half way ledge with at least two 50m ropes or abseil to a rethread point with a single 60m and then down once more. From here you can then do some minor scrub bashing straight down to the end of the half way ledge and rap off some trees (unknown distance but definitely less than 50m). This will end you up right in the approach/exit gulley and you can walk off from here.

If walking off in the dark, it is advisable to stick close to the top of the ridge as it is an easy feature to follow and the bush is not very dense up there. If you do this you will eventually end up on the grand high tops walking track.

Many of the topo lines have been drawn from poor quality topos or from the descriptions. Please don't rely on them too heavily and update them once you have completed any of these routes, if required

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