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The lower boulders is a fairly flat area south of the Mt Keira plateau. It consists of a number of varying size boulders that have fallen down from the plateau eons ago. The area is traversed via a mountain bike trail and is well protected under tree canopy.

Access issues inherited from Mount Keira

The Mount Keira summit park is an easy 15 minute drive from the Wollongong CBD. The park is surrounded by the Illawarra Escarpment State Conversation area and is covered in thick sub-tropical rainforest and eucalypt forest, and is open to the public all year round.

Be aware the vehicle gate to the summit park is closed and locked after hours.

Due to rockfalls in recent years some parts of the area are closed, though the West Face and connecting path (Dave Walsh Track) are declared open by the National Parks and Wildlife Service. See for details.


Park at the Mt Keira Road hairpin. Walk up the road for ~200m. Follow the mountain bike trail that hits the road on the right. After about 100m there is the first (East) boulder up on your right, keep following the left path for 80m to get to the next (Middle) boulder, keep following the path 100m for the last (West) boulder.

Ethic inherited from Wollongong

Retro-bolting of established trad routes is frowned upon. There has been some controversy in recent years about new routes being bolted above tourist tracks. Please don't do this.

Please try to use available natural gear where possible, and do not bolt cracks or potential trad climbs. If you do the bolts may be removed.

If you do need to top rope, please do it through your own gear as the wear on the anchors is both difficult and expensive to maintain.

It would be appreciated if brushing of holds becomes part of your climbing routine - do it with a soft bristled brush and never a steel brush!

The removal of vegetation - both from the cliff bases and the climbs - is not seen as beneficial to aesthetics of the environment nor to our access to it.

Consider bolting single lines rather than many link ups and eliminates, where there are established lines also consider the need to add bolts to establish link ups. It can often create an eyesore.

It is a privilege to climb in the Illawarra to maintain access our best approach is to 'Respect Native Habitat, Tread Softly and Leave No Trace'. Do not cut flora and keep any tracks and infrastructure as minimal as possible or risk possible closures.


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Grade Route

The first boulder you reach following the bike track from the East.

Straight up small crimps, big move to finish.

FA: Jayden Shepherd, 16 Nov 2021

Crouch start on the arete. Head up the arete.

Dan Stephenson

FA: Brett H, 14 Jun 2015

Starting at the left arete as per Jungle cat traverse along the rail to the right before exiting up the right arete as per climb #4 (the V2)

Stand start on crimp rail, up and left to sidepull then top.

Stand start on crimps, straight up the wall left of the flake.

Stand start on the flake, head straight up without using any of the chips/cuttings.

The right arete from a crouch.

Small boulder just downhill from East Boulder

Sit Start into big move to the left side pull. Up to sloper and over.

Set: Mark, 29 Aug 2021

FA: Dylan Hill, 31 Aug 2021

Sit Start with big pockets/edges for hands. Head Right to arete then up and left to manky mossy mantle.

FA: Mark, 29 Aug 2021

Located 20m directly right of Middle Boulder, routes on the backside.

Sit start on left arete and crimp. Power right and traverse the sloper lip to mantle at the peak. Very little foot holds.

Sit start as far right as possible. Shuffle up the sloper arete and mantle.

Slab around to the right of Barb. Climb left side of slab following vague line of holds. Downclimb route.

FA: Mark, 29 Aug 2021

Climb Right side of slab. Downclimb route.

FA: Mark, 29 Aug 2021

Start on very left hand side of face behind tree. Climb up trending right to top. Downclimb route.

FA: Cez, 12 Sep 2021

Up left side of very featured wall around to the right of Right Slab. Downclimb route.

FA: Maisie, 29 Aug 2021

Climb straight up the middle of this featured face. Downclimb route.

FA: Mark, 29 Aug 2021

Start on right side of this face and traverse left along lip all the way to the top. Downclimb this or any other route.

FA: Marcus Loane, 29 Aug 2021

Traverse face with feet about the head-height of someone standing on ground.

FA: Tilly, 29 Aug 2021

Start of the 'Middle Boulder' Start low, go for the lower ledge, then use the arete for pulling up.

FA: Murray, 10 Dec 2017

Start low at Pull-kun, traverse left into Pullman, then join into Hail to the crimp.

Sit start at low crimp in the middle of the wall. Big move right to gain the crimpy ear, then join Pull-kun.

FA: Brett H, 26 Oct 2018

Start left hand at the small picket then follow up for some solid pulling action.

FA: Murray, 10 Dec 2017

Bum is the last thing to leave the ground. Climb into Pullman and follow to top.

Set: Luke, 22 Aug 2021

FA: Marcus Loane, 22 Aug 2021

Start left hand at the side pull inside of the circle feature and right hand on the undercrimp, then straight to the crimp crack, follow crimp crack to the left and top out. Besides the starting undercrimp, the holds on and to the right of the large flake feature that runs up the Boulder are eliminated.

Start around the undercrimp, move up to a couple more small holds, then up to the ledge to top out.

FA: Murray, 10 Dec 2017

Match start in the undercling. Big move out right before topping out as per hail to the crimp.

FA: Dylan Hill, 3 Sep 2021

Pull the arete, with right hand crimps, don't use the rock pile.

FA: Murray, 10 Dec 2017

Up the easier side of the arete to top out

FA: Murray, 10 Dec 2017

Straight up the slab with no arete. Left of Echo Corner.

FA: lkmrrs, 28 Mar 2021

Around the backside of the 'Middle Boulder' Start left hand low on the arete and right hand on the crimp rail. Follow the crimp rail along and around without using the top ledge. Adjust difficulty as required with your feet.

FA: Murray, 10 Dec 2017

Cramped Sit Start as for Headstone to lip then head left to awkward mantle trying not to dab or fall onto boulder just behind you.

Set: Mark, 15 Aug 2021

FA: Marcus Loane, 15 Aug 2021

At the 'West Boulder' Up to the lip then follow the ledge right then up. Mind the tree!

FA: Murray, 10 Dec 2017

Sit start directly next to tree, straight up, finish same as other climbs

FA: Nicholas Poelczer, 31 Aug 2021

Start at the lowest pocket crimps, straight up and out.

FA: Murray, 10 Dec 2017

Start lower pockets and head up leftwards and out.

FA: Murray, 10 Dec 2017

Sit start similar to Foxy Knoxy, then up to the right along the arete, finishing with the rest of the climbs.

Set: 28 Mar 2021

About 15 metres further along the bike trail from the West Boulder, on the left. Circle around to the side opposite the track to climb.

Sit start with left hand in large pocket and right hand in great low pocket, awkward feet. Pull off the ground and throw to the arete, then continue up to top out over the boulder.

FA: Seggzy Gumby & Elijah Aquilina, 25 Jul 2021

Sit start with left hand on the sidepull and right hand in the obvious pocket, move up to a slopey left hand pocket and then adjust feet to go into the crescent shaped pocket with either left or right hand, then pull up to a slopey topout.

FA: Alvin Chung, 29 Jul 2021

Sit start on the south eastern corner of Ribbed Boulder. Left hand on crimp, right in pocket. Couple of moves up to slopey lip and follow it along to the right keeping your feet on the slab. Top out at the the same spots as Bam and Chungsta.

FA: Sandon Joubert, 4 Aug 2021

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