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Created 5 months ago


At the 131 meter high dam are 2 5-pitch routes each with 5 rope lenghts.


Park near the dam. The trail starts at the imbiss "s'Raschtl".


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Grade Route
1 5 40m
2 5+ 40m
3 6 30m
4 7- 20m
5 7+ 20m

The route's level of difficulty steadily increases (level of difficulty 5 to 7+) and requires a certain stamina. From mid-route onwards, the wall is overhanging and the climb increasingly steep. Although large grips have been put in place from the 4th pitch onwards, a good level of fitness is required.

It is essential to have mastered rope techniques for multi-pitch routes: after the 4th pitch going back is only possible with extreme difficulty and requires a lot of experience of rope techniques. In addition to its difficulty, this route is also extremely exposed.

But generally, those able to lead a Grade 7 indoor climb and with an appropriate level of physical fitness will have a lot of fun on this route.

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