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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Silvapark Galtür Steinblock Boulder 3
{FB} 8A Marabou full

#sitstart "Continue to the right with hollow underclings"

Silvapark Galtür Steinblock Boulder 4
{FB} 8A Diamond nuts

#standstart "Defined stand start, start on the lowest Logical holds, excellent compression-climbing to the right around the Corner"

Silvapark Galtür Steinblock Boulder 5
{FB} 8A Bloodsucker

#sitstart "Complete traverse, crimpy start"

{FB} 8A Sucker for Pain

#sitstart "Long move from intermedia in the middle, a bit morpho"

{FB} 8A Sucker for Gu

#sitstart "Right start to Sucker for pain"

Silvapark Galtür Steinblock Boulder 10
{FB} 8A King of Nothing

#sitstart "Crimpy affair, alternativley the Crux can be done with a slopy pinch"

Silvapark Galtür Sekten Sektor
8A Gado Riss Boulder
Silvapark Galtür Schuh des Manitu Boulder 1
{FB} 8A Straight Flush Boulder
Silvapark Galtür Super Crack
8A Sunrise Boulder
8A Galactica Boulder
Silvapark Galtür Palm Beach
8A Shining Boulder
8A X-Ray Boulder
Silvapark Galtür Outlands
{FB} 8A/A+ Charity Bouldern Boulder

Showing all 13 routes.

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