The wall faces south with shade all day. In winter this can be bad because of the cold and condensation that makes the wall completely wet. In the summer, even in the shade, the humid heat combined with the absence of wind makes the place quite stuffy. The best time is still during the spring when the heat is milder. It is possible to climb even in the rain.

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Access issues

The climbing area is within the Braço Esquerdo - Evaldo Paust Natural Park and under the administration of Encanto Turismo & Aventura ( phone 47 9974 7874 with Cesar Trevisan). A maintenance fee of R $ 5.00 is charged, which entitles you to accident insurance and climbing permission. The camping price is R $ 5.00 per person.


Coming from Florianópolis (SC), the best option is to take the BR-101 (north) until the height of the city of Joinvile and enter the BR-280 towards Jaraguá do Sul. The access road to Corupá is 14km from the city from Jaraguá do Sul. Upon entering the city of Corupá, head towards the center and the signs for Rua Ana Bon (or Ana Bon) which is on the other side of the city. At Rua Ana Bon take the left and always take the main road towards Cachoeira do Braço Esquerdo / Carverna (it is well signposted). From the city center to Cachoeira it is approximately 8km. The crag is inside Mr. Arlindo's property, which during the week leaves the access gate closed. That is why it is essential to contact in advance. During the weekends, he maintains a bar near the waterfall and the gate is open.

For those coming from Curitiba, the best option is to go down the BR-116 towards Rio Grande do Sul, via mountains, leave after Mandirituba (12km) to Agudos do Su and then São Bento do Sul. In São Bento do Sul, go around the city until you reach the BR-280 and head towards Jaraguá do Sul and Joinvile. Access to the city of Corupá is after descending a large mountain range (40km from São Bento do Sul).

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