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Showing all 52 routes.

Grade Route Gear style Popularity
obekt 1
{FR} 6C Luc Skywalker Boulder
{FR} 6C+/7A Dart Vader Boulder
{FR} 6C+/7A Master Yoda Boulder
{FR} 6A Kota 0 Boulder
{FR} 6B Koshmarin Boulder
{FR} 6B Pnevmatika Boulder
{FR} 6B+ Bonbon Boulder
{FR} 6A+ Lay down, stay down Boulder
{FR} 6A Easy girl Boulder
{FR} 6A+ The fly Boulder
{FR} 6A Kiss or kill Boulder
{FR} 6B+ Mission is possible Boulder
{FR} 6B/B+ Hunter-killer Boulder
{FR} 6C+/7A Hubba - bubba Boulder
{FR} 6B+ Prastogrizachkata Boulder
{FR} 6B Zavrashtaneto na dzhedaite - travers Boulder
obekt 2
{FR} 6C+/7A Freestyler Boulder
{FR} 6B+ Hipotetika Boulder
{FR} 6B Mr. Stick it Boulder
{FR} 6B Pnevmatika - 2 Boulder
{FR} 6A Koko Nindzha Boulder
{FR} 6A+ F-16 Boulder
{FR} 6A+ SU-37 Boulder
{FR} 6B+ No named Boulder
{FR} 7A+ No code Boulder
{FR} 7C/C+ Brothers in arms - travers Boulder
{FR} 6C Hard girl Boulder
{FR} 6B+ Mort Boulder
{FR} 6B+ Emantsipirana magia Boulder
{FR} 7A/A+ Tsvetat na magiata Boulder
{FR} 6B Rinsuind - travers Boulder
{FR} 6B+ Dalga tseluvka za leka nosht - travers Boulder
Analiziray tova Boulder
Analiziray onova Boulder
Tiha sila Boulder
No time, no place Boulder
obekt 3
{FR} 6B Ne mi puka Boulder
{FR} 6B Uuuupsss… Boulder
{FR} 7C/C+ Viper Boulder
{FR} 6A+ Epic Boulder
Nos Strah Boulder
Shto ne slyazoh Boulder
Ole, zatvori ochichki Boulder
Climb and go Boulder
Broy do tri i spri! Boulder
Balistik Boulder
Spoko Boulder
Po raba Boulder
DZHABA Boulder
AM GAL Boulder

Showing all 52 routes.

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