Karlukovo - Prohodna Cave

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Big cave with two entrances, that has two big holes in it known as "God's eyes".


Big cave with many routes, bolting is safe but sparse, the cave goes up to 40m and there are a few climbs that go through the eyes. There is climbing for everyone from 4s to 9s. The cave is a fun playground, but could be intimidating if you are a beginner.

If you are coming here bring knee pads for the harder routes.

The cave seeps so wait a few days if you are to climb here after it has rained.

Access issues

To ensure the safety of everyone, when climbing during the weekends, climbers are urged to avoid the sectors that are close to the path, namely: "Pop folk" (south entrance - left side), Nepobedim (middle part - right side), Kak shte gi stignem (middle part - left side), and El Choro (exit - right side). Instead use the sectors: Hip Hop (south entrance - right side), Black Metal (after the entrance - right side), Sever (exit - left side) - without the section with "Pchelichkata Maya", and Podarak (outside the cave).


One of the easiest approaches ever, put the GPS coordinates and park at the south entrance of the crag.

(43.17479, 24.07461)

Where to stay

Camping at the entrance to the cave on the rolling green hills. There are a couple of shepards who move their animals through the area. They are nice and it is normal to offer them a gift or some Rakija (alcoholic spirits) and they will often give you some of their homemade cheese or milk. There is also a nearby alpine hut or you can stay in a guest house in Karlukovo.

Make sure to bring water and food with you at the crag. There are no toilets so clean up after yourselves.


Keep a low profile. Don't camp in the cave. Don't light fires in the cave, avoid climbing in the cave on weekends. No climbing between 6pm and 7am so you do not disturb the birds and local wild life. Do not bolt or draw on the rocks.

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