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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Bezhanovo nadvesite
{FR} 6b+ Dust in the wind Sport
{FR} 6b+ Krushuna 8 Sport
Chervenite skali dolen sloy
{FR} 6b/b+ Otvorenata tsepka variant Sport 15m, 9
{FR} 6a+/b Kolonkata Sport 15m, 7
Chervenite skali goren sloy
{FR} 6b+/c Karvavi ratse Sport 9
{FR} 6b Samotniat begach Sport 20m, 7
{FR} 6b+ Power of Bene Sport 20m, 9
{FR} 6b+ Bobari i klyuni Sport 7
{FR} 6b+ Iznenada Sport 6

Showing all 9 routes.

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