Tmor Yeak

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A very large boulder visible from the road about halfway up the road from Svay Leu into the Kulen. A smaller boulder balanced on top makes it look like a rock giant, hence the name.


Very little exploration has been done of Tmor Yeak. There are several smaller boulders around it that should yield good bouldering. The yeak itself is estimated 8-10m high with very little reliable protection on it. Most likely will become a sport area.

Access issues

Minor scramble from the road. There is a very large gravel shoulder where the access is, giving ample parking (though not necessarily reliably safe parking.) THe boulder field is before the ticket checkpoint, so there is no access cost, BUT it may still be technically within the Apsara zone, which means use may be frowned upon, no confirmation of that as of this writing.


So far the best intel is to bush bash and boulder your way to the base. A way may yet be found that requires no climbing.

Ethic inherited from The Kulen

Most of Kulen requires purchasing daily park passes, please don't sneak in. Also bolting or alteration of cliffs is not welcome without first consulting Apsara authorities.


History timeline chart

Seam Rorn, Kimsroy, and James were coming back from a development trip at Kulen Base camp in 2022 and they decided to pull over on an outcrop and have a look through the binoculars at some cliffs and boulder fields. Tmor Yeak stood out as an obviously interesting rock formation, though from the road it looked like a scramble. So our intrepid explorers set out to hike to the top. As it turns out another large boulder was obscuring the view, and once on top of that boulder it was clear what Tmor Yeak truly was: a massive overhung boulder with route potential 360 degrees around it. The rock itself along with the other boulders in the area and close access to the road make Tmor Yeak (in this authors opinion) one of the best potential development sites in the country. Development has yet to begin as of this writing.


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