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Table of contents

1. Bon Echo 123 routes in Crag



Mostly Trad climbing

Lat / Long: 44.903650, -77.188432


Climbing at Bon Echo has been reinstated. Ref:

At 90m, the tallest cliff in Southern Ontario.


Bon Echo climbing is actually on a cliff called "Mazinaw Rock" in the Bon Echo provincial park. This is a 2km long granite cliff rising out of Mazinaw lake up to a height of 90m or so. Climbs are generally accessed from the water, so a boat is usually needed.

The Alpine Club of Canada (ACC) - Toronto section maintains a hut and camping area near the climbing and a boat for access to the camping and cliff.

As of Spring 2014, the ACC has a web page describing the hut and climbing at: .

A guide book is (currently as of May 2013) available in PDF at:

Grades at Bon Echo are generally "old school" since most routes were put up (and graded) before 1990. Due to the nature of the cliff, even low-graded routes often have impressive exposure. Gear can often be tricky to find, or suspect -- most climbs should be considered PG at best, unless otherwise labelled.

access issues

Climbing has been reinstated.


The cliff is in a provincial park, and permission to climb is granted based on a Memorandum of Understanding between the ACC and the park.

Bon Echo – Climbers Code of Conduct – July 2016

The Alpine Club of Canada, Toronto Section and Bon Echo Provincial Park have a Memorandum of Understanding that allows us the privilege to climb inside the limits of the Provincial Park. Please follow these rules at all times. Be mindful that the misconduct of just one person can jeopardize our relationship with the park and our ability to climb in this beautiful place.

  1. Helmets are mandatory.

  2. Do not sling trees.

  3. Rappelling is only permitted at designated sites or in case of emergency.

  4. Please do not litter. If possible, help by picking up what others have left behind.

  5. Some routes are closed due to the pictographs at their base or due to environmental reasons; please respect these closures. Route numbers are: 5, 42, 43, 53, 83, 84 and 89

  6. Some routes may be closed in certain seasons due to peregrine falcon nesting; please respect these closures. Occasional route closures will be posted in the Park and at the ACC cabin.

  7. No free-soloing, bouldering or any kind of un-roped climbing is allowed.

  8. No roped-soloing.

  9. Our behavior should be exemplary at all times. Please refrain from using offensive language or profanities.

  10. Do not engage in any activities which a reasonable person would conclude would adversely impact the Club, the Park, the Park’s officials or the general public. In their jurisdiction, Park Wardens have the same authority as OPP officers do. All members are advised that if questioned by a park official it is important to respond in a truthful, timely, and forthright manner.


By boat.

where to stay

Bon Echo provincial park camp ground. ACC hut and camping area.


  1. Helmets are mandatory.

  2. Do not sling trees.

  3. Rappelling is only permitted at designated sites or in case of emergency.

  4. Please do not litter. If possible, help by picking up what others have left behind.

  5. Some routes are closed due to the pictographs at their base or due to environmental reasons; please respect these closures. Route numbers are: 5, 42, 43, 53, 83, 84 and 89

  6. Some routes may be closed in certain seasons due to peregrine falcon nesting; please respect these closures. Occasional route closures will be posted in the Park and at the ACC cabin.

  7. No free-soloing, bouldering or any kind of un-roped climbing is allowed.

  8. No roped-soloing.

  9. Our behavior should be exemplary at all times. Please refrain from using offensive language or profanities.

  10. Do not engage in any activities which a reasonable person would conclude would adversely impact the Club, the Park, the Park’s officials or the general public.

RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
1 Atomic Marshmallow 5.6 Trad 59m, 2
2 Squirrel

Hard to find, a possibly un-repeated 5.0.

5.0 Trad 75m, 2
3 Jerry's Route 5.0 Trad 90m, 3
4 One Sleeve 5.2 Trad 90m, 4
5 Mediterranean Sundance


5.10 Trad 88m, 3
6 Garden Wall 5.2 Trad 97m, 3
7 Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

Shares first pitch with Garden Wall.

5.6 Trad 100m, 4
8 Dead Flowers

Variant first pitch for Tumbling Dice. Possibly not repeated.

5.10 Trad
9 Tumbling Dice

Rarely repeated.

5.10 Trad 2
10 Crazy Paving 5.4 Trad 81m, 3
11 Thunder Crack and Lighting 5.10 Trad 2
12 The Last Shall Be First 5.10 Trad 100m, 5
13 Compulsion 5.10+ Trad 92m, 4
14 Fanny Hill 5.5 Trad 98m, 4
15 Suzy Wong

Alternate start to Fanny Hill.

5.7 Trad 40m
16 Perversion 5.9 Trad 110m, 4
17 Enovid 5.8 Trad 70m, 3
18 Nilevan

Alternate start for Sweet Dreams.

5.8 A3 Aid 40m
19 Great Leap Forward

Original ascent with aid on 2nd pitch by M de St Jorre and R.M. Preshaw in July 1982 (at about 5.7, A1). Now free but unknown who freed it.

5.10 Trad 74m, 2
20 Sweet Dreams 5.9 Trad 78m, 3
21 Little Flo 5.7 Trad 72m, 3
22 Ciao

The obvious, but less pleasant, start to Little Flo.

5.5 Trad 25m
23 The Slab

First pitch is good, rest are crap -- people often rappel off of bolted anchors after the first pitch, and this is one of the few approved rappel points on the cliff.

FA: Bob Shaylor & Jim White, 1961

5.4 Mixed trad 88m, 3, 1
24 Slabadob

Alternate ending for The Slab.

5.3 Trad 30m
25 Dead End Ramp

A not yet completed route.

26 Top Secret
  1. Pitch (5.8) 27m. Climb up and right past a bolt and onto a blocky ledge then straight up (crux) past a bolt. Go leftwards onto a narrow ramp. Follow this ramp up and onto a 2 bolt belay.

  2. Pitch (5.3) - Step up and right across a left facing open book, then around a nose (psychological crux). Traverse right to a ramp, turn left and go up the ramp to a stance just past a large tree. There are very loose rocks on this ramp. Take care not to dislodge them.

  3. Pitch (5.3) - Continue up the ramp to the next tree passing the first obvious break to the right. If you take that break to the right, climb the face up to the top. You can also opt for an easier finish by finishing up on the ramp.

FA: David Atherton & Jim White, 1964

5.8 Mixed trad 90m, 3, 4
27 Wendy

Alternate finish to Top Secret

5.7 Trad 22m
28 Persuasion

A traverse connecting the top of the first class 5 pitch of Top Secret to the end of the Ottawa route.

5.6 Trad 53m, 3
29 Ottawa Route 5.8 Trad 110m, 5
30 Jolly Folly

Alternate finish to Ottawa Route

5.8 Trad 40m, 2
31 Mother Fletcher's Overhang 5.9 Trad 120m, 5
32 Weirdo

Not often repeated.

5.8 Trad 120m, 4
33 Club Disciplinarian

Possibly never repeated. A short route at the top of the cliff, was originally abseiled into, but that is no longer allowed. Might be accessible by a traverse from the third belay of The Joke.

5.10 Trad 15m
34 The Joke 5.9 Trad 120m, 4
35 The Last Laugh

Alternate last pitch for The Joke -- not often repeated.

5.10+ Trad 5m
36 Punchline

First two pitches as per the joke, then branches right.

5.10 Trad 120m, 4
37 Horror Show for Idiots

Accidentally climbed by someone trying to repeat Queer Duck. Rarely or never repeated.

5.10 Trad 140m, 4
38 Queer Duck

Not often repeated.

5.10 Trad 140m, 4
39 Prisoners of Mother England

Possibly never repeated.

5.9 Trad 4
40 M.F.

"Mike's Farewell".

5.9 Trad 130m, 4
41 One Pine / White Pine???

Start: about 120m north of the (first) easy way down, at the bottom of a major ramp. The climb generally stays near the outside edge of the ramp.

  1. 10m Scramble up the rock spike on the left-hand edge of the slab.

  2. 40m Climbing near or on the outside edge, move up to a wide ledge with a good belay.

  3. 28m Go more or less straight up.

  4. 25m Climb up 3m and move right accross the slab to an obvious crack. Climb up the crack to the pine tree, which turns out to be a cedar (very old -- don't touch). (Variations are possible.)

  5. 15m Scramble to the top.

4(a). 5.5 From the end of the third pitch, there appears to be a good crack going diagonally up to the left. It leads out onto the face. Follow the crack up past one cedar to another one. Climb back up and right to get onto the ramp near the end of the last pitch of the regular route. This variation has been climbed accidentally many times over the years.

(Was in the database as "White Pine". There is no such named route at Bon Echo, so guessing the original contributor meant "One Pine", and renamed to that to preserve the ascents.)

5.3 Trad 120m, 3
42 The Rolling Stones

Very rarely climbed.

5.8 A1 Trad 120m, 5
43 The Brass Monkey

Closed route.

5.7 Trad
44 Monkeyshines

Closed route.

5.6 Trad
45 Calamity 5.5 Trad 43m, 2
46 Brian's Variation

Variation after the first pitch of Calamity

5.6 Trad 48m, 2
47 Bit of Bother 5.10 Trad 73m, 2
48 Yellow Fever 5.7 Trad 90m, 3
49 Red Groove

An impressive route for beginners.

5.1 Trad 80m, 2
50 Redder Groove

Variation middle pitch for Red Groove

5.7 Trad
51 Carver's Variation

Variation for part of 3rd pitch of Red Groove.

5.4 Trad
52 Yonge Street 5.11 Trad 100m, 4
53 Paradise Lost 5.7 Trad 70m, 3
54 The Gully Joke

Closed climb.

55 P-H 5.8 Trad 45m, 2
56 318 5.7 Trad 45m, 3
57 Winking Crack 5.9 Trad 31m, 2
58 Gerry DeMaio's Memorial

Rarely to never repeated.

5.10 Trad 30m, 2
59 Popeye 5.11b Trad 32m, 2
60 Olive Oyl

Variant end for Popeye. Only been top-roped.

5.11c Trad 30m
61 Easy Way Down (1)

Something of a misnomer and dangerous at the best of times. Take great care to avoid dislodging rocks onto the heads of those below. Beginners should be roped and belayed from above. There has been at least on serious accident due to a fall while descending this route. Turn left (towards the lake) near the bottom.

At the lake side, at the bottom of Easy Way Down, is a good place to wait for a boat pickup. Just to the south of the pickup point is Turtle Rock, the overhanging rock used by kids (old and young) as a diving board.

Turtle Traverse: Start in the water underneath the overhang, climb up and out, mantle, and dive back in. V0.

Class 4 Trad
62 Jacob's Ladder 5.0 Trad 25m
63 Formication & Mac's Book 5.6 Trad 70m, 2
64 French Form

(40m) Pitch 1: Start near a large cedar tree. Climb up a leftwards ramp on crumbly rock. Protection is poor for the first 15m. You will reach a rusty piton about 30m up the right side of the ramp. You will eventually reach a 2 bolt belay on a small ledge near a large, dead tree.

(30m) Pitch 2: Continue on the slab until you reach a small short wall below two cedar trees. Climb to the right or climb straight up for a harder finish up to a ledge.

Walk across 8m of vegetation on the ledge to a 2 bolt belay right under a (~20m) wall.

(21m) Pitch 3: Face climbing up to a small overhang at 10m. Pull the overhang or duck right for an easier variation. Belay at the top with 1 bolt and gear.

FA: David Atherton & Isla Hoppett, 1964

5.5 Mixed trad 99m, 3, 3
65 Darlington Country 5.10 Trad 70m, 3
66 Moonday 5.7 Trad 70m, 3
67 Mooning Boris

Start on first pitch of Boris, then traverse and finish on 3rd pitch of Moonday.

5.7 Trad 70m, 3
68 Boris' Route

Perhaps the best 5.5 at Bon Echo.

Goes up the 2nd main diagonal left of the slab/arete of "Birthday Ridge". Look for a bolted anchor on a platform about 2m above lake level.

  1. Step right from the platform to the slanting crack(s), and follow them up and leftwards past a cedar tree to a gear belay by some juniper shrubs.

  2. Continue up the ramp past a single bolt and then a pin to a slanting ledge with a two-bolt anchor.

  3. Continue up and left until you reach a platform below an overhang at the top. Pull this one way or another, or perhaps dodge it to the left. 2-bolt anchor at top.

FA: Boris Dopta & Chalky White, 1960

5.5 Trad 70m, 3
69 Harmful Armful 5.9 Trad 80m, 4
70 Spliffgenerates

Not often repeated.

5.10 Trad 85m, 3
71 Faithful Turkey 5.7 Trad 80m, 3
72 Birthday Ridge / The Birthday Route

This is Bon Echo's first route, and remains the traditional introduction for beginning climbers. (There is a 5.0 variant.)

Start: the tree-filled gully north of The Pinnacle

  1. 15m (4th class) Scramble up the gully and over scree to a pair of large trees on the left. (If you really want a 5.0 climb, scramble further up the gully on the right to the Saucer Lucy and Thin Nick start, then follow 2 alt.)

  2. 35m (5.2) Climb the break in the boulders and follow the ramp leftwards up to the ridge. Work your way right up a crack to a ledge covered with loose boulders. Round the nose on the skyline and climb the easy angled wall to a large stance by a silver birch tree (with a 2 bolt belay station).

  3. 25m (5.0) Move left up the slab above the the birch tree to a groove which leads to a ledge by some Juniper bushes. Climb left to the ridge and follow it to a ledge with a small strong cedar tree where the angle of the ridge eases. This tree is a good example of the ancient cedars on the cliff. Don't sling -- there's a bolt. Belay here, or continue to the top.

  4. 15m (5.0) Prance on up to the top. Belay at the two bolt rap station. Two ropes are needed for the rappel.

2a. 30m (5.0) Climb corners and ledges up and left to the silver birch belay at the end of the standard 2nd pitch.

(Was in the database as "The Birthday Route". No route with that exact name existed, this seemed the most likely match.)

5.0 Trad 90m, 2
73 Cool Corner

FA: Jim Mark & Helmut Microys, 1978

5.4 Trad 65m, 2
74 Very Thin Nicholas 5.7 Trad 60m, 2
75 Saucer Lucy

The rap station at the top of Saucer Lucy is the only one at the top of the cliff available to climbers. (If top-roping Saucer Lucy, please use your own 'biners to protect the anchors from wear.)

5.7 Trad 60m, 2
76 Bloody Medoc

Massive rock fall has obliterated this route. Description is in guide only for posterity.

5.3 Trad 55m
77 Knight of Faith

Rarely or never repeated.

5.11 Trad 95m, 4
78 Nine Pins 5.8 A4 Trad 70m, 2
79 Back of the Pinnacle 5.4 Trad 85m, 3
80 Jim's Sling 5.8 Trad 90m, 4
81 Front of the Pinnacle / Pinical

Near the middle of the cliff there is a detached pinnacle (about the only clear pinnacle on the cliff); this climbs the south (right) ramp of the pinnacle to the top, then steps across onto the main face and up to the top.

Start at the corner of the ramp up to the pinnacle from the south, and generally follows the arete.

  1. 40m (5.4) Climb the arete and slab to a large ledge with a bolted anchor.

  2. 30m (5.4) Climb the arete to a ledge below a smooth slab, move left onto the face and up some steeper moves to rejoin the arete, then continue up the arete to the pinnacle. Belay to avoid rope drag or enjoy the pinnacle.

  3. 10m (5.4) Step across to the main face, and climb to the top, looking left for a two-bolt anchor.

("Pinical" was in the database -- but there was no matching route. I am guessing this refers to the classic "Front of the Pinnacle", rather than "Back of the Pinnacle". Renamed to preserve assents, rather than delete & recreate.)

5.4 Trad 100m, 3
82 When Shrimps Learnt to Whistle 5.11 Trad 90m, 5
83 The Entertainer 5.9 Trad 90m, 5
84 The Entertainer Direct

More direct (and more difficult) finish for The Entertainer

5.10 Trad 90m, 5
85 Spiderman

Closed route - pictographs.

5.12 Trad 90m, 4
86 Flat Paint 5.8 A3 Trad
87 L'Idiote 5.10 Trad 85m, 3
88 Fool's End 5.11 Trad 75m, 2
89 Thunder Road

Not often repeated.

5.11 A0 Trad 75m, 2
90 Jugornot 5.9 Trad 60m, 3
91 Old Laughing Lady

(May be harder, conditions vary.)

WI4 Ice 60m
92 Black Groove

Climb closed.

5.7 Trad 35m, 2
93 Yellow Groove

Start at the first diagonal ramp south (right) of Black Groove.

  1. 20m Leave the platform to the left and climb the obvious fault on good holds. Continue up the fault and bear right to a large tree or do a semi-layback right and move left to the tree.
  2. 25m Continue left up the ramp. Struggle past a small cedar, and climb straight up to the top.
5.4 Trad 45m, 2
94 Conclusion 5.5 Trad 60m, 2
95 The Romp of the Geriatrics

Also goes as 5.5 A2.

5.11 Trad 35m, 2
96 Easy Way Up 5.0 Trad 20m
97 Baby's Bottom 5.5 Trad 20m
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
98 Womb at the Top 5.6 Trad 45m, 2
99 The ACME Handhold Co. 5.10 Trad 45m, 2
100 Easy Way Down (2)

3rd Class. The easiest easy way down on the cliff. Less easy if wet. From the park lookout at the top of Knob Hill, go north and down the first small cliff band, turn left and look for a foot path near the edge of the main cliff. Turn left again. Stay close to the inside edge of the slab for most of the way.

Class 3 Trad
101 Inferno 5.9 Trad 45m, 2
102 Voodoo Wall 5.9 A3 Trad 45m, 2
103 Knob Hill 5.7 Trad 65m, 3
104 Knob Heel Direct

A variant finish to Knob Hill.

5.9 Trad
105 The Dangler

Shares first pitch with Knob Hill.

5.8 Trad 55m, 3
106 Afternoon Delight

Start at the base of a slab leading up and left with Bass trees to the left, and an obvious trodden area.

Climb up the easy slab to a section to a ledge with spiky rocks, then up the face at this point. Continue up leftwards up the narrow ramp squeezing past an overhang using a good crack at the back of the ramp. At the end of the ramp, climb a short easy wall to the top.

5.4 G Trad 40m
107 Sunday Delight 5.6 Trad 30m
108 Easy Way Down (3)

The gully to the south of Sunday delight is dirty, steep, and filled with poison ivy. Not recommended.

Class 4 Trad
109 Rediscovery 5.3 Trad 25m
110 Old Faithful 5.10 Trad 30m
111 The Rose Tattoo 5.6 Trad 50m, 2
112 Said and Done

Not often climbed.

5.9 Trad 50m, 2
113 Easy Way Down (4)

A short clean slab seperating the Rose Tattoo from the Vertigenous buttress. Not recommended for inexperienced climbers.

Class 4 Trad
114 What Frightens You 5.9 Trad 30m
115 The Present Estate of Pompeii 5.9 Trad 55m, 3
116 Double Crux Bypass 5.9 Trad 65m, 3
RouteGradeStyleSelected ascents
117 High Wind Over Jamaica

HIgh Wind Over Jamaica starts left of Vertiginous at a left-leaning crack, roughly at the tall birch tree visible from the water.

The route begins by going straight up to a black area on the rock (around 10m up), then tending right and up towards two thin ramps heading towards a ledge. There appear to be multiple ways to pass these ramps. We opted for the overhanging crack further to the right, protected extremely well with a #3 C4. This is the crux. After a good rest, continue up another headwall (5.7-8ish) to the belay at the top of Vertiginous' second pitch.

Finish on Vertiginous.

FA: Rob Rohn & Tom Gibson, 1979

5.10 Trad 65m, 2
118 Vertiginous

An excellent, though intimidating, climb.

Start directly below a cedar tree about 1/3 of the way up the cliff.

  1. 25m (5.5+) Zig-zag your way up the cliff until you can ascend up and right towards the cedar tree and belay on a ledge with bolts by the tree.

  2. 20m (5.5) Chimney (gently) up between the tree and the cliff until you can pull up onto the next ramp. Climb up and left towards a bolt then continue past it until you can traverse 3m left to a good ledge with a big block resting on it.

  3. Climb a short steep corner 1m left of the belay, then continue up the crack until a ramp goes up and left to a two-bolt anchor at the top.

5.5 Trad 65m, 3
119 Vertigenous Direct 5.9 Trad 60m, 2
120 Sweet Addicton

Rarely to never climbed.

5.10d Trad 40m
121 I Don't Know 5.7 Trad 30m, 2
122 Roller Bearings 5.5 Trad 30m
123 Venezuelan Beaver Cheese 5.9 Trad 45m, 2

2. Index by grade

Grade Stars Name Style Pop
Class 3 Easy Way Down (2) Trad
Class 4 Easy Way Down (1) Trad
Easy Way Down (3) Trad
Easy Way Down (4) Trad
5.0 Birthday Ridge Trad 90m, 2
Easy Way Up Trad 20m
Jacob's Ladder Trad 25m
Jerry's Route Trad 90m, 3
Squirrel Trad 75m, 2
5.1 Red Groove Trad 80m, 2
5.2 Garden Wall Trad 97m, 3
One Sleeve Trad 90m, 4
5.3 Bloody Medoc Trad 55m
One Pine Trad 120m, 3
Rediscovery Trad 25m
Slabadob Trad 30m
5.4 Back of the Pinnacle Trad 85m, 3
Carver's Variation Trad
Cool Corner Trad 65m, 2
Crazy Paving Trad 81m, 3
Front of the Pinnacle Trad 100m, 3
The Slab Mixed trad 88m, 3, 1
Yellow Groove Trad 45m, 2
5.4 G Afternoon Delight Trad 40m
5.5 Baby's Bottom Trad 20m
Boris' Route Trad 70m, 3
Calamity Trad 43m, 2
Ciao Trad 25m
Conclusion Trad 60m, 2
Fanny Hill Trad 98m, 4
French Form Mixed trad 99m, 3, 3
Roller Bearings Trad 30m
Vertiginous Trad 65m, 3
5.6 Atomic Marshmallow Trad 59m, 2
Brian's Variation Trad 48m, 2
Formication & Mac's Book Trad 70m, 2
Monkeyshines Trad
Persuasion Trad 53m, 3
Saturday Night and Sunday Morning Trad 100m, 4
Sunday Delight Trad 30m
The Rose Tattoo Trad 50m, 2
Womb at the Top Trad 45m, 2
5.7 318 Trad 45m, 3
Black Groove Trad 35m, 2
Faithful Turkey Trad 80m, 3
I Don't Know Trad 30m, 2
Knob Hill Trad 65m, 3
Little Flo Trad 72m, 3
Moonday Trad 70m, 3
Mooning Boris Trad 70m, 3
Paradise Lost Trad 70m, 3
Redder Groove Trad
Saucer Lucy Trad 60m, 2
Suzy Wong Trad 40m
The Brass Monkey Trad
Very Thin Nicholas Trad 60m, 2
Wendy Trad 22m
Yellow Fever Trad 90m, 3
5.8 Enovid Trad 70m, 3
Jim's Sling Trad 90m, 4
Jolly Folly Trad 40m, 2
Ottawa Route Trad 110m, 5
P-H Trad 45m, 2
The Dangler Trad 55m, 3
Top Secret Mixed trad 90m, 3, 4
Weirdo Trad 120m, 4
5.8 A1 The Rolling Stones Trad 120m, 5
5.8 A3 Flat Paint Trad
Nilevan Aid 40m
5.8 A4 Nine Pins Trad 70m, 2
5.9 Double Crux Bypass Trad 65m, 3
Harmful Armful Trad 80m, 4
Inferno Trad 45m, 2
Jugornot Trad 60m, 3
Knob Heel Direct Trad
M.F. Trad 130m, 4
Mother Fletcher's Overhang Trad 120m, 5
Perversion Trad 110m, 4
Prisoners of Mother England Trad 4
Said and Done Trad 50m, 2
Sweet Dreams Trad 78m, 3
The Entertainer Trad 90m, 5
The Joke Trad 120m, 4
The Present Estate of Pompeii Trad 55m, 3
Venezuelan Beaver Cheese Trad 45m, 2
Vertigenous Direct Trad 60m, 2
What Frightens You Trad 30m
Winking Crack Trad 31m, 2
5.9 A3 Voodoo Wall Trad 45m, 2
WI4 Old Laughing Lady Ice 60m
5.10 Bit of Bother Trad 73m, 2
Club Disciplinarian Trad 15m
Darlington Country Trad 70m, 3
Dead Flowers Trad
Gerry DeMaio's Memorial Trad 30m, 2
Great Leap Forward Trad 74m, 2
High Wind Over Jamaica Trad 65m, 2
Horror Show for Idiots Trad 140m, 4
L'Idiote Trad 85m, 3
Mediterranean Sundance Trad 88m, 3
Old Faithful Trad 30m
Punchline Trad 120m, 4
Queer Duck Trad 140m, 4
Spliffgenerates Trad 85m, 3
The ACME Handhold Co. Trad 45m, 2
The Entertainer Direct Trad 90m, 5
The Last Shall Be First Trad 100m, 5
Thunder Crack and Lighting Trad 2
Tumbling Dice Trad 2
5.10d Sweet Addicton Trad 40m
5.10+ Compulsion Trad 92m, 4
The Last Laugh Trad 5m
5.11b Popeye Trad 32m, 2
5.11c Olive Oyl Trad 30m
5.11 Fool's End Trad 75m, 2
Knight of Faith Trad 95m, 4
The Romp of the Geriatrics Trad 35m, 2
When Shrimps Learnt to Whistle Trad 90m, 5
Yonge Street Trad 100m, 4
5.11 A0 Thunder Road Trad 75m, 2
5.12 Spiderman Trad 90m, 4
? Dead End Ramp Trad
The Gully Joke Trad
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