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Grade Route Gear style Quality Climber
Mon 31st Aug 2020 - Yak Peak
5.10a Yak-Check

so so rock

Trad 650m Good
Tue 3rd Sep 2019 - Yak Peak
5.10a Yak-Check

Beautiful climb up an incredible face. Would be a classic if there was like 3 or 4 more bolts over the entire route to stop several large factor 2 falls. Pulled occasional gear to prevent this.

Not sure what the deal is with pitch 10 but it's the most scared I have ever been on a rope. Mossy wet dihedral or totally unprotected 5.10x crumbly steep slab with no gear for 15+ metres.

Perhaps we just got lost. All in all a great adventure.

Trad 650m Very Good
Sat 11th Aug 2018 - Yak Peak
5.9 Yak-Check (Yak-Check Linkup p2-p3) - with chris
1 5.7 650m
2 5.6 linkup p3
3 5.6
4 5.7 linkup p4
5 5.8
6 5.8
8 5.8
9 5.9
10 5.9
11 5.4
Trad 650m Mega Classic
Sun 3rd Jun 2018 - Yak Peak
5.10a Yak-Check

Took longer than my last ascent. Heavy snow-off the backside. Ice axe wouldn't be a terrible idea.

- with Keith Lemay
Trad 650m Classic
Mon 21st Aug 2017 - Yak Peak
5.10a Yak-Check

Did the climb in 4 hrs 15 min, simul climbing until pitch 8, then doing the rest in 4 pitches, and soloing off. Still a 7 hr + day with approach and 900m descent on ball bearings. Fun outing

Trad 650m Classic
Vanessa Wills
Sat 8th Jul 2017 - Yak Peak
5.6 Seven One Move Wonders of the World

Simuled first 12 pitches. Pitch 13 or 14 is scary due to the crumbling wet rock - pieces were coming off everywhere.

Alpine 790m Don't Bother
Sat 1st Jul 2017 - Yak Peak
5.10a Yak-Check

Route finding can be difficult. Be careful of rockfall and rock conditions. Best alpine summit I've done yet.

Trad 650m Classic
Fri 28th Aug 2015 - Yak Peak
5.10a Yak-Check

Awesome route! Those who say the route is scary and loose have probably only ever climbed at Squamish. Though it certainly is run out! Bolted anchors were glorious. Now I can drive the Coquihalla in peace

- with Greg
Trad 650m Classic
Wed 19th Aug 2015 - Yak Peak
5.10a Yak-Check Trad 650m
Tue 11th Aug 2015 - Yak Peak
5.10a Yak-Check

4:45 on route with simul climbing up to the traverse pitch. Was even more fun than I remembered, possibly because it was still warm at the top!

- with Simon and Larissa
Trad 650m Mega Classic
Mon 1st Aug 2011 - Yak Peak
5.10a Yak-Check

Awesome! Bigger and a bit steeped than it looks from the highway. Got a couple of new cams for booty when I went the wrong way too! Tip: traverse at the up to the awesome looking hollow flake, don't go straight up to the shiny rap chains on pitch 8 or 9!

Trad 650m Classic
Mon 10th Sep 2007 - Yak Peak
5.10a Yak-Check

My first alpine experience... beautiful. Since 5 years old I imagined watersliding down the face, then some 20 years later I climbed the sucker... 8hrs car to car

Trad 650m Classic
Chris Whelan
Sat 27th Sep 2003 - Yak Peak
5.10a Yak-Check Trad 650m
James Hardy
2002 - Yak Peak
5.10a Yak-Check Trad 650m Very Good
Nick Elson
Tue 13th Apr 2010 - Yak Peak
5.10a Yak-Check Trad 650m Good
raymond cormier
5.10a Yak-Check Trad 650m
michael conroy
5.10a Yak-Check Trad 650m Very Good
Lane Brown

Showing all 17 ascents.

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