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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Lake Cliff Left Side
5.8 Notadikehedral

FA: Dominic Ngo, 27 Mar 2012

5.9 YDB

FA: Dominic Ngo & Danny Guestrin, 9 Oct 2011

5.10 Brokedown Palace

FA: Dominic Ngo, 23 Oct 2011

FFA: Dominic Ngo & Danny Guestrin, 21 Apr 2012

Sport 25m
5.10+ Training for the Alpine

FFA: Danny Guestrin, 5 May 2012

5.8 Termagant Dihedral


FFA: Steve Adcock & Ron Halka, 1998

Trad 25m
5.10 Open Book

FFA: Danny Guestrin & Dominic Ngo, 22 Apr 2012

Trad 30m
5.10+ Hanging Dihedral

FFA: Danny Guestrin & Dominic Ngo, 5 May 2012

Lake Cliff Right Side
5.8 Broken Rope Revenge

FFA: Tim Jones & Charles Truscott, 1986

5.4 Marcus' Route

FA: Marcus Buck & Joan Heyding, 1984

5.4 A2+ Da Mystery of Chossboxing

FA: Domininc Ngo & Danny Guestrin, 29 Dec 2011

5.8 Spring Follies

FA: Tim Jones & Charles Truscott, 1986

5.12c Fast Dreams

FFA: Mike Burke & Lenka Burke, Nov 2011

Sport 25m, 7
5.13 Ontario Power
SportProject 20m, 7
(unknown project?)
5.7 Piton Route
Lake Cliff Lake Cliff Boulders Radioactive
V0 My Eyes

SDS left corner on low sidepulls. Work sidepull rails and slab into dihedral.

FA: Jim Clark, 9 Apr 2018

V1 These Goggles Do Nothing

SDS center of boulder on sidepull. Fire up to finger crack and left into glorious sidepull. Make a big move to the peek and find a way up. Or escape left into dihedral for (v0).

FA: Jim Clark, 9 Apr 2018

Boulder 3m
V5 Radioactive Man

SDS in middle and work sidepulls and smears right. Gain seam and make a huge reach to lip. Arete is out. Open Project.

FA: Matthew Macdonald-Smith, 27 Apr 2018

V3 These Goggles Do Everything

SDS in middle and work sidepulls and smears right. Gain the arete and top out.

FA: Kevin Lee, 9 Apr 2018

Boulder 3m
V2 Fallout

Sit start under under the corner on opposing sidepulls. Get into the bucket and join Goggles on the great pinch. Possible start further under the boulder?

FA: Jim Clark, 23 Apr 2018

Lake Cliff Lake Cliff Boulders Cubert
V3 Planet Express

SDS on crimps in center of face. Work left and make a huge reach for the lip.

Detached block is out.

FA: Jim Clark, 9 Apr 2018


SDS on crimps in center of face. Work right and up.

Detached block is out.

V2 Nerd Academy

SDS on sidepull. Find a way though the roof.

FA: Kevin Lee, 4 Apr 2018

V2 Parallel Doomsday

SDS on sidepull. Head left to arete and up.

FA: Kevin Lee, 23 Apr 2018

V1 Awesome Express

Start left side of low overhang. Lip traverse all the way right and work the tricky topout.

FA: Jim Clark, 23 Apr 2018

V2 Overclockwise

Start on the great rail. Fire up to the jug and the horn and top out.

FA: Kevin Lee, 23 Apr 2018

Lake Cliff Lake Cliff Boulders Treehouse of Terror
V4 Bam Bam

Start under roof, gain lip and head up.

FA: J-F Reid, 27 Apr 2018

Main Cliff (Summer - Rock) North End
5.7 Finally

Start at the very beginning of the cliff, where a large boulder has fallen off. Step up onto an undercut brown slab. Climb up to the roof, then move left onto a broken slab. Climb it easily to the top.

5.3 Crack and Jugs

Where the trail first meets the cliff at the north end is a large boulder which recently (geologically speaking) fell off the cliff. Start just to the right of this boulder at a right-facing dihedral, initially using an obvious jam crack. Climb to the top of the dihedral (8m). Exit left, or face climb to finish at a clump of small birch trees. Cleaned as of May 2020. Dihedral sounds hollow so treat placements with suspicion.

Trad 12m
5.6 Proboscis

Climb straight up the face midway between "Crack and Jugs" and "Another Stroll".

FA: P Low, P Allayn & D Buck, 1988

5.2 Another Stroll

A variation to "An Easy Stroll". Climb up the dihedral on the left side of the column-like ridge. Exit as for "An Easy Stroll". Top anchor.

Trad 13m
5.1 An Easy Stroll

Start 6m to the right of "Crack and Jugs", at the base of a column-like ridge. Climb up the right side of the ridge in a wide dihedral to a small maple tree (8m). Face climb straight up to anchor.

Trad 13m
5.4 Hump an easy stroll

Start on An Easy Stroll. Before the roof, traverse left and finish on Hump Day using the right facing dihedral for gear placement.

5.8 Hump Day Direct

Start as "Hump Day". At the roof, head straight though on undercling and good sidepulls. Once on the slab above traverse left to anchors.

Sport 13m, 5
5.7 Hump Day

Immediately right of And Easy Stroll. Stay out of the dihedrals on both sides. Good sidepulls and good but thin crimps to the third bolt. Head right on balancy moves to easier interesting climbing. Top is a bit run out but takes cams. 5.6 if you use the dihedrals.

FA: Jim Clark, 22 May 2020

Sport 13m, 5
5.2 The Go Between

Start 2m right of "An Easy Stroll", 1m to the left of an obvious sloping roof. Move up to a V-notch, then past an overhang and up a small right-facing easy-angled dihedral to the top.

Trad 13m
5.6 One Over

Climb through the obvious break in the overhangs 3m right of "The Go Between", then straight to the top.

Trad 13m
5.5 Fallus

An obscure line, but more interesting than it looks. To the right of "An Easy Stroll" is an obvious roof. Start at the right end of this roof, immediately right of "One Over". Step up onto a small slab just off the ground and climb it to near its right end. Pull directly up and over a small overhang. Continue up, passing over several very small overhangs, then straight up the face to the top.

Trad 16m
5.9 Breakfast Beer

Start under the first bolt. Use hidden small crimps and sidepulls to gain the second bolt though an interesting sequence then proceeded through the easier (5.6) mini-roof tiers trending left. Slabby top joins Fallus at last mini-roof. Stick clip recommended -- crux is very low and clipping hold for first bolt is bad for grade.

FA: Jim Clark

Sport 16m, 7
5.5 Twinkle Toes

Stand up on the detached triangular block to the right of fallus. Mantle into the gully then sright onto the face and up. Protection tenuous in the middle. Maybe a star if it was clean.

FA probably not me. Its a fairly obvious line that has likely seen previous climbs.

5.11a Melange

Follow the line of bolts though the burly overhanging start on some hidden holds into a precarious mantle. Pull though the juggy roof into some thin cracks. Cruze the slab to the top. First bolt is a difficult clip, particularly if short, stick clip advised.

FA: Jim Clark, 23 Oct

Sport 6
5.8 Cedar Hollow

Look for a 6m long elongated boulder at the base of the cliff, with two cedar trees growing on top. Start directly behind the right (now dead) cedar tree. Face climb straight up 6m to a small overhang. A tricky move on good holds allows one to pull over the overhang moving slightly left. Then easy climbing to the top, now with a bolted anchor.

Cedar Hollow has been cleaned & retro-bolted (3 bolts), with a plaque now labeling it as "Breakfast in Vienna, 5.9 T".

FA: D Buck & P Low, 1985

Mixed trad 15m, 3
5.11a Slippery When Wet

Just right of Breakfast is a second bolted line with a plaque.

Bolted to through bulge and roof; easy (5.5ish) gear protected slab above to anchors -- or run it out if you don't have gear.

Fa/developer unknown.

Mixed trad 3
5.3 Traps

Start 4.5m right of Cedar Hollow. Follow a small gully up and slightly right from a clearing to an overhang. Proceed up to a pine tree, then up slabs to the top.

FA: M Buck & P Low, 1985

5.4 Nameless

Start 10m right of 'Cedar Hollow', directly underneath the extreme left end of a long roof near the top of the cliff. Climb straight up on good holds to the base of an obvious vertical crack. Follow this to the roof and traverse slightly to the left to avoid the roof and continue to top.

FA: R Halka & L Yanosik, 1975

Trad 18m
5.9 Open Season

Climb the short dihedral to the roof. Escape roof to the right then trend left and up though the black water stain on pocket crimps into easy rails to the anchor.

A significantly harder variation goes 11+ if you pull directly though the roof at the first bolt and stay on the black water stain.

FA: Jim Clark, 9 Nov

First Easy Way Down

A 10m wide slab above a high point in the lower trail, with an extensive scree field at its base, is easily climbed along its left edge.

Unknown 10m
Main Cliff (Summer - Rock) 2nd Easy Way Down Sector
5.5 Lone Cedar

Start at a point 30m right of the First Easy Way Down and 10m left of the point at which the trail climbs up around a large boulder. A solitary cedar 1/2 way up the cliff distinguishes the route. Starting above a juniper bush, pull directly over a small overhang, traverse slightly left to a large ledge, move diagonally up and right to the cedar, then finish straight to the top.

FA: D Buck & A Kerr-Wilson, 1985

Trad 12m
5.10b Belay that Order

Start just left of first bolt on juggy rail. Pull though the overhang trending right though more juggy rails. Find one of the many ways from the third bolt straight up the slab. Alternate start goes straight up from the first holds into the small dihedral and then heads right over the first bolt -- goes 9+ and avoids the glorious jugs. Most of the action is before the first bolt, stick clip recommend.

FA: Jim Clark, 26 Sep

5.10a Engage

Start left of "Make It So" under the bulbous small roof. Pull though decent holds onto featured slab. Joins "Make It So" at 3rd bolt. This climb is unsafe to bolt/lead as the entire bottom slab is hollow. Belay should stand as "Make It So" with a redirect though the second bolt to avoid line trap.

FA: Jim Clark, 6 Aug

Top rope
5.7 Make it So

Climb though the broken corner then up the slab. First bolt crux, stick clip advised. Bottom and the ledge half way could use a bit more gardening but it is in climbable shape.

FA: Jim Clark, 6 Aug

Sport 12m
5.10a Warbird

Start right of "Make It So" pull some interesting moves to the first bolt. Cruize upwards trending left into the mini-roof at the 3rd bolt. Pull straight up though the mini-roof and gain the slab (crux) and then enjoy the somewhat sustained slab to the anchors. Crux can be avoided by heading left into the dihedral at the 3rd bolt (5.9)

FA: Jim Clark & Jeff, 19 Aug

Sport 12m
5.10a Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.

Easy slab climbing to the second bolt. Pull the crux bulge which is somewhat reachy onto easy ground to the top.

Set by Jim Clark

FA: Jim Clark, 9 Sep 2019

Sport 12m, 5
5.10c Locutus

Work though some cryptic hard slab to gain the second bolt. From there put power though the sustained fingertip seam and the plethora of bad holds in the slightly overhung dihedral. Then enjoy the easy jugs though the overhung v-notch to the anchors.

FA: Jim Clark, 8 Sep

Sport 15m
5.8 A Nice Climb

Climb up the obvious line through the big overhang left of "The Next Generation" and continue up the face above. Usually wet.

5.10c The Next Generation

Climb up the face to the left of Real Men, keeping 1 to 2 metres right of the blunt arete.

About 60 meters left of pull up at the base of the cliff where the large boulders are. Climb up some easy slab to the first bolt, bolt line then follows a black mineral stain up the wall.

"Prime Time" is a re-bolted version of "The Next Generation".

From the old guide, "Three bolts were placed before the first ascent. These were all removed by Steve Adcock in November, 1989." These old bolt-holes are clearly visible as one climbs.

Set by James H & Dean Urness

FA: S Adamson & C Macknie, 1989

Sport 12m, 5
5.9 Real Men Don't Place Pro

Start directly beneath the left end of a large spectacular roof. This roof can be distinguished by the way it gains height in steps, from right to left. Climb straight up the steep slab to the base of the roof and traverse slightly left. Climb straight out to the outer ledge of the roof using an obvious finger crack (excellent protection if you have the strength to hang around and place it). Once past the roof, move slightly right and then up, past two pitons.

Now a bolt protecting the hard move though the roof.

"5.9 if you're a real man; 5.10 if you've got some brains."

FA: S Adcock & J Prokopiak, 1984

Mixed trad 16m, 1
5.7 In The Black

A few meters left of "Pull Up" is a slab of rock dyed black from water running down. In the spring this is covered in ice, and there are ice climbs on this section in the winter.

Climb up, staying to the left out of the dihedral, over the bulges on thin holds, to a solid cedar at the top.

Top rope 15m
5.4 Black Book

Climb the dihedral, veering left up features just below the cedar (anchor).

Top rope 15m
Facing the Black

Start as for "Black Book", but move onto the right face of the dihedral and climb staying completely on the face, using the arrete for hands, to the top, and then traverse to finish below the cedar.

Top rope 15m
5.10a Assimilation Indirect

It is possible to bypass the crux of "Assimilation" by heading left early on large chalk covered holds and traversing a few meters off the bolt line before coming back to an awkward clip then heading left again and rejoining "Assimilation" above in the dihedral under the roof. The bypass is 5.8ish and has a nasty pendulum fall potential.

5.10b Assimilation

Small but positive crimps though the textured vertical face give way into jugs after a tricky crux sequence. Find the hidden crimps! Some fun moves into the roof lead to a strenuous traverse to the anchors.

FA: Jim Clark, 3 Oct 2019

Sport 15m, 5
5.10b Assimilation Direct

Trade the interesting dihedral and roof traverse for a few big throws on jugs. Mind the tree. Head straight up after the 3rd bolt.

FA: Jim Clark, 3 Oct 2019

Sport 15m, 5
5.10a La Madrina

About 20m left of "Cosmic Teacup" and "Pull Up". Climbs a left-facing wall between a lower roof to the right, and higher diamond-shaped roof to the left.

This is a great line not very sustained. Good climb to learn to place pro.

Set by Jp, 13 Jun 2015

FFA: Jp, 13 Jun 2015

FA: Jp, 13 Jun 2015

Mixed trad 15m, 3
5.9 Cosmic Teacup

Climb the bolt line up the face left of "Pull Up".

A bit run-out from the last bolt to the anchors - a small gear placement might add confidence.

FFA: Jp, 11 Jun 2015

FA: Jp, 11 Jun 2015

Set by Jp & Mike Sims, 11 Jun 2015

Sport 15m, 3
5.7 Pull Up

From 'Flaky Flake', walk left along the cliff face, up and over a pile of scree then down again. There will be a slab with a wide zig-zagging crack going up to a ledge about 3m off the ground, with a small overhang about 1.5m above the ledge and a first bolt just above the overhang. Crux is pulling over the overhang, much harder if you are shorter than about 5'8". Then nice climbing up past 3 more bolts to a 2-bolt anchor.

Sport 18m, 5
5.6 PG Pin Cushion

An obvious slab a few meter left of The Fly. Up a crack then diagonally left up the slab to the top.

So named because of the many pins (none of them good) used to protect the FA. The route has since been repeated without using any pins. It is poorly protected.

FA: R Halka & H Norris, 1986

5.9 The Fly

Start left of 'Flaky Flake'. Climb up onto a slab, then climb the obvious crack. (Harder than it looks.) Join Flaky Flake or finish left of that route.

FA: R Halka & S Adcock, 1986

5.5 Flaky Flake

Start 11m left of the 2nd Easy Way Down, where the obvious zig-zagging crack goes up the cliff. Climb up, generally angling left for the first half, then right, finishing at the large pine tree. Numerous variations are possible. (The flake of the name now rests in pieces at the bottom, courtesy of Gyula Pech, autumn 1985.) Anchors.

FA: R Halka & L Yanosik, 1975

Trad 18m
5.6 Nutty Nuts

Start as "Flaky Flake" but continue straight up into the vertical finger crack. Passing to the right of the dead tree 2/3 way up. 2 bolts for anchors at top.

Trad 17m
5.6 Is The Tree On?

"Seconds Out" finishes on a rising right traverse -- if you take this line of weakness and trace it leftwards past where "Seconds Out" joins it at a pair of cedar trees all the way to flaky flake, it looks like an interesting line.

Climb the slab right of Flaky Flake until you reach the horizontal weakness, traverse right towards the pair of cedar trees, then finish as per "Seconds Out" -- a rising right traverse until there is an obvious break in the top of the cliff.

Trad 25m
5.8 Refreshing Yet Troubled

Start under the bulge right of "Nutty Nuts". Pull straight though the bulge for full value. Wind up some easy ground to the crux section at the top. 3rd set of bolted anchors at the top of wall if counting from "Flaky Flake".

Top rope 17m
5.9 Frosty And Perturbed

Start just left of "Seconds Out" and head up angling leftwards towards a small overhang (with a bolt). Finish on a 2-bolt anchor.

Mixed trad 18m, 1
5.9 Cool But Concerned

Start 5m left of 2nd Easy Way Down, climb up 3m on good holds (shared with Seconds OUt) then pull straight over the small overhang and bulges above it. About 2m above the cedar tree (on the left), follow the thin crack up to the anchors at the top.

The upper face section gets quite thin, and is a committing lead for a 5.8.

FA: J Prokopiak, R Halka & J Cotter, 1984

Mixed trad 18m, 1
5.5 Seconds Out

Start 5m left of 2nd Easy Way Down. Climb up 3m on good holds, then traverse left to avoid a small overhang. Climb up to an obvious tree, then doing a rising rightwards traverse on various ledges, to exit through an obvious crack at the top of the cliff.

FA: R Halka & L Yanosik, 1975

Trad 20m
5.8 Chill But Upset

Shares the start for Seconds Out, look for a bolt on a fairly blank looking upper part of the face, right of the crack that Cool But Concerned climbs up. Climb up the initial dihedral then up and right (awkward) onto the ledge, then straight up to and past the bolt to anchors.

Mixed trad 1
5.6 Minutes Away

Starting just at the base of the ramp for 2nd Easy Way down, climb over the gentle bulges to a pair of bolted anchors.

Trad 15m
Class 4 2nd Easy Way Down

This goes up the prominent corner just to the right of where the main lower trail comes up the talus slope to join the trail along the base of the cliff. From the top, this is just past the 2nd overlook, the 2nd place where the main trail along the top of the cliff comes out to the cliff top itself.

It is an easy slab section with a couple cedar trees on it, going to a short (about 3m) vertical section with big solid holds. At times, it is protected by a fixed rope.

5.6 Awkward Overhangs

Start 5m to the right of the "2nd Easy Way Down".

Really low first bolt, climb past one roof, up a slab, then pull another steep section on big holds.

Probably more like 5.8 in modern grades.

FA: M Buck & D Buck, 1984

Sport 11m, 7
5.0 Quick and Slick

Start at a short left-facing dihedral with an obvious foot-jam crack. Climb 4m up the dihedral, traverse right along a sloping crack, then finish.

Trad 8m
5.8 Grunt

Start at the widest part of a low (1.5-2m high) overhang at the base of the cliff. A 1m wide slight bulge, in black (water discoloured) rock, marks the start of the route. The crux is getting on the rock. After getting on the rock, easy climbing (though with little protection) up and slightly left leads to an obvious break in the overhang at the top of the cliff.

Belay/anchor off the big pine tree at the top. (Often has slings on it, as this section generally has a good ice climb on it in the winter.)

Awkward to protect, and crux unprotectable (except by bouldering/spotting techniques) means this lends itself well to a top-rope climb.

FA: R Halka & T Jones, 1985

Trad 15m
Main Cliff (Summer - Rock) Star Trek Sector
5.4 Spruce Root Chute

To the right of Grunt, the trail goes up a small slope. Start where the trail first levels off, directly beneath a large Spruce tree at the top of the cliff.

1m left of Breakfast Cookie. Climb up and slightly left to a large V-shaped notch in the overhang. Continue through the notch to the spruce tree.

No bolted anchor, walk off or use the tree to rappel.

FA: M Buck & P Alleyn, 1984

Trad 11m
5.10b Breakfast Cookie

A bit to the left of "Phasers on Stun" are a couple new bolted lines, this is the one on the left. It goes up easy climbing to the first bolt, then winds its way through a series of roofs/bulges to anchors on the right side of a prow at the top of the cliff.

Currently (summer 2012) there is a small rock at the bottom with the name (Breakfast Cookie) and a grade (5.10b) on it at the bottom.

FA: Lenke Burke, 2012

Sport 11m, 5
5.11 Late Night Pizza

Between "Breakfast Cookie" and "Tipytoe" are a couple bolts, after the 2nd one the route heads up through a fairly substantial roof on gear.

Mixed trad 12m, 2
5.11d Tipytoe

Start below a bolt just left of Phasers on Stun. Climb up through the small roof bulge to the shared anchor with Phasers. Harder at the bottom, to easier climbing at the top. 2 bolts and 3 cams.

Mixed trad 18m, 2
5.6 Phasers on Stun

Start directly behind a cedar tree at the base of the cliff. There is a distinctive curving crack around a bulge 7m up the face. Climb straight up to this crack, continue up to a small roof, then traverse left 2m under the roof. Either continue traversing left to an easy exit, or climb straight up through the a notch in the roof ( a bit harder, maybe 5.6). Anchors.

FA: L Yanosik & R Halka, 1975

Trad 18m
5.10b Phasers on Kill Direct

Start up the rounded arete between Stun and Kill where there are two bolts. Make a few thin moves and a desperate throw into a bad thumbdercling and finish with Phasers on Kill.

Mixed trad 16m, 2
5.8 Phasers on Kill

Start 4m right of Phasers on Stun. Climb up a crack, move left and up to the base of a small overhang. Avoid this by stepping right and moving up a tricky dihedral to the top.

Apparently rock fall has made the upper section harder than it was when it was first climbed. Anchors.

FA: S Adcock & M Buck, 1984

Trad 16m
V1 Warmup Rock

Opposite from Phasors on Kill. Start on left arete. Head right to decent edge on overhanging face. Head up on good edges and slopers.

5.12a Homeward Bound

Just to the right of Phasers on Kill, climb up the series of bulges. 4 bolts and 3 cams.

FA: 2011

Mixed trad 16m, 4
5.9 Beam Me Up Scotty

A rather airy route, providing sustained difficulties. Start just to the right of Phases on Kill at a short round-nosed arete. Climb up the arete to the base of a prominent dihedral (about 4m). Continue up the dihedral to a small triangular roof. Step left and move up to a large roof. At the back of the roof, use a finger crack to traverse 6m to the right, then exit straight up. Stepping up into the base of the dihedral is the crux, and it is poorly protected. Otherwise the route has excellent protection. (Friends 3 #1s, 2 #1.5s, 2 #2s.)

Trad 20m
Closed Project #1

Bolt line right of "Beam Me Up Scotty".

Open Project

Shares first two bolts with "Dolcezza Bikini" then moves left.

5.13b Dolcezza Bikini

Starts to the left of Vulcan Mind

First bolt has a green tag on it but that is for the bolts that go left.

FA: Jonathan Dean Urness, 2016

5.13 Closed Project #2

Shares the first few moves with Vulcan Mind, but instead of traversing right, continues directly up the face above.

(closed project as of fall 2020)

5.10c Vulcan Mind

Start about 4m right of 'Beam Me Up Scotty', in the center of the overhanging wall. Climb up a flake and make a long reach up to a horizontal crack. Reach up right to another thin horizontal crack, and traverse out right almost to the arete. Step up into a thin crack, then out right around the arete and mantleshelf onto a good ledge (first rest). Step left and finish up a short notch.

With the 2011 retro-bolting, this probably no longer warrants the (historical) R rating, so removed.

Mixed trad 2
5.11d Squeeze Play

At the second bolt climb right into Lobotomy.

FA: Jonathan Dean Urness, 2016

5.12b Lobotomy

Starts a meter or so left of the obvious arete that is "Vulcan Mind direct", up the obvious left/undercling feature.

Stick-clip suggested for first bolt.

FA: Mike Burke, 2012

Sport 5
5.11b Vulcan Mind direct

Climb the overhanging arete (3 bolts) at the right end of the section below the large roof, then finish on 'Vulcan Mind'.

FA: Ken Flagg, 2011

Mixed trad 15m, 3
5.8 I'm a Doctor, Not a Climber

Just around the arete of 'Vulcan Mind' direct is a series of 4 bolted routes. This is the first of them, going up some overhanging terrain. Needs a few cams or tricams (red, brown, optional black).

Mixed trad 18m, 3

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