Red Rock: Pet Wall

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3 cliffs (one largish, two smallish) and a boulder field out in the woods near Pembroke, Ontario.

There is easily enough rock to double the number of routes here!


3 cliffs (one largish, two smallish) and a boulder field out in the woods near Pembroke, Ontario.


Note: most lines were bolted with the expectation that a stick-clip would be used. Bring one, or make one from a convenient branch.

Access issues

Most of the cliff and approach is on crown land. Some of the climbing is on private land -- the owner (John Jeffrey) has, historically, been friendly. "He likes to talk." Please be courteous and friendly if you meet him -- likely running around on a 4-wheeler.

There are, also, usually active nesting Peregrine falcons on the left side of the main cliff (left of the waterfall) -- avoid this area during the spring and summer months.


From highway 17 in Pembroke, drive west (left if coming from Ottawa/east) on county road 58 / Round Lake road for about 28km. At that point, there will be a small picnic/parking area on the left, pull in here and park. (If you reach Round Lake, you have gone too far.) This is Jacks Lakes picnic area, though not signed as such.

* beavers have flooded the bridge. You can get across the top of the damn but you will get wet to your knees. *

Walk back up the road about 1/2 a km, until just past a wire guardrail on right, at which point there should be an obvious trail descending into the woods to the right. Follow this to a shallow crossing with a bridge that is partially under water and much of a beaver dam -- cross at this point. Wet-appropriate foot wear may be desirable. On the far side, follow the obvious path, winding through the woods, across what looks like a portage trail until it widens, then t-junctions with a logging road. (Straight-ahead, through the trees, is a sand pit.)

Turn left, and follow the logging road as it skirts around the sand pit. After a while, there's be a clear view of the sand-pit on the right, looking slightly backwards. At this point follow the road away from the sandpit. Shortly, there will be a trail heading off to the left. (Aug 2019, marked by a a few sawn logs sitting at side of trail. Somewhat easy to miss.) This trail heads towards a double-decker boulder, visible within a minute or so of leaving the logging road.

Continue along the trail until you reach the boulder field. The boulder field has seen significant water erosion and the path though it is essential gone. Make you way upslope and right though the boulders.. Do not enter the talus. The trail will materialize at the far side and shortly you'll reach a fallen maple tree. (Helmet and fixed line gone, Aug 2019).

From this point, the trail branches to the various cliffs -- see detailed approach information on each cliff.


Top Roping: Most/all routes have top-anchors. Please do not pass rope directly through the fixed gear for top-roping, use your own gear & only use the top-anchors for final lower or rappel.



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