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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Pet Boulders Conan
V4 I'll Be Back

Traverse lip all the way to the top.

V5 I'll Be Back - Low Start

Start in cave. Move to and fire to the lip and finish I'll Be Back.

V4 A Nurse's Dream

Start on left side on undercling in the black rock and a crimp. Fire to the top.

Pump You Up!

Start on low crimps. Move up and left in the black and top out.

V3 It's Not A Tumor

Follow obvious rack from left to right and up. Throw for the jug and topout.

V4 It Is A Tumor

Start on small crimps and link into It's Not A Tumor.

V2 Who's your Daddy & What Does He DO!

Start on far right and make moved left and up.

V4 The Bastard File

Start as Not a Tumor move right and head up.

V2 Conan The Destroyer

Backside of Boulder (side you first see on approach)

Start on low hold in middle of the the face. Up and right on rails to the lip and top out.

V3 Conan The Barbarian

Backside of Boulder (side you first see on approach)

Left of destroyer start on sidepull and move left along lip to corner and topout.

These Goggles Do nothing


Pet Boulders Ram
V5 Ram

Start on undercling. Up and left on slopers.



V2 Bluto

Between popeye and problem 2. Sit start on thin holds.

Problem 2

Right of popeye

Pet Boulders Titan
V0 The Naked Edge

Follow left side to top.

V1 The Edmond Fitzgerald

Start as Fat Boy. Sidepull to Naked Edge.

V8 Fat Boy On A Smartie

Start far left on sidepull. Move right on horizontal seam and up.

V1 Pocket Stick

Up the senter of slab. Crimp at chest hight.

V3 Lip De Friken DA
  • On opposite side *

Traverse left to right on overhanging face. Fire to lip and go.

V5 LefTolo
  • On opposite side *

Start on right side of arete and move up then to left aete.

V1 Razor burn

Opposite side, 1/3rd along from LefTolo. Start with two crimps at chest height, then up.

FA: Alex Griffith

Pet Boulders Maximus
V8 Brutus

Start on small arete under roof. Out to an edge and then left. Topout high right side.

V7 Sparticus

Start as Brutus. Head right and up.

V2 Small Town Hot

Start right of Brutus on a low hold. Move up and left on quartzite.

V4 Bird is the Word

Sit start right of Bird House on the good left hand sidepull and the bad right hand sidepull. Go up and join Bird House.

V0 Bird House

Directly across from Ram. Start on low rail. Move up and left to the top.

V3 Gorillas in the Mist

Sit Start on rail as per Bird House. Head right, around the corner and keep going. Top out at far right.

Pet Boulders Cave
V4 Rin Tin Tin
Roof Proj

Middle of roof.

Pet Boulders Big Cave
V2 Peregrine

Start under roof on crimps. Out to lip and follow seam.

V4 Falcon

Start on right side of rail. Head left and topout at earliest point!


Start as Flacon but move to highest point of boulder.

Pet Boulders Caapstone
V2 Shiva

Start under prow. Get inverted and get your hug on.

Pet Boulders Ice Cave
V5 Cave Man

Start right hand side on a jug and head up.

Pet Boulders Talus Field Boulders
V1 Q-Bert

Behind Big Cave

Andy's Problem

Found on slider.

V2 Fortune Cookie

Up and behind Slider. Start on good crimp.

Main Wall The Laboratory
5.10c Welcome to the Jungle

The first route seen as you approach the cliff from below -- look for bolts heading up from near the top of the approach trail.

FA: Alex Bain & J. Dean Urness

Sport 20m, 6
5.5 The Mute

After the shared start, climb up and right into the large obvious corner.

Cleaned by Matt -- a major effort.

FA: J.Dean Urness & Matt Bell.

Mixed trad 20m, 3
5.10c Cardiac Arrhythmia

A different finish to "Cardia Arete" - climb it until, near the top, it is possible to move right on towards another bolt. Clip and continue rightwards to a fixed station.

FA: J. Dean Urness

Mixed trad 20m, 5
5.10b Cardiac Arete

Climb the common start, then clip a bolt on the face to the left, pull onto it over a roof, then up into an open corner to a bolt (clip long to reduce drag), right to a bolt on the face, then up the arete (either side, as needed) to finish through a crack above.

FA: J. Dean Urness & Matt Bell

Mixed trad 20m, 5
5.10b A Day Without Sunshine Is Lik,e Night

Follow Cardiac Arete up through the Open Corner (2nd bolt), but instead of moving right, continue directly up the corner, sling a tree, and keep going, exiting through the same crack as Cardiac Arete.

FA: J. Dean Urness

Mixed trad 20m, 4
5.10d Ambiguous

Climb up the black slab to the roof, clip a bolt. Pull hard through the roof and to a nice rest. Continue on trending right and up till you meet the large roof. Follow along under the roof, trending left until you can bypass it. Shares an anchor with Calm Like a Bomb.


Sport 15m, 6
5.11b Calm Like a Bomb

Left of the big roof, middle route that starts on the blackened slab underneath a smaller/lower roof. Start on the ramp, clip a bolt off the ramp. Powerful moves on big holds down low to more technical climbing on smaller holds up high.

FA: Alex Bain & J. Dean Urness

Sport 15m, 7
5.12- A Just War

Start left of Calm Like A Bomb. Climb the ramp, clip the directional and the first bolt on the roof, make a big reach to the V notch. Move up and right past the roof. Catch a rest, then climb the arete to another wild rest. Technical and sustained climbing near the top.

FA: Edwin Giguere & Alex Bain

Sport 16m, 6
5.12b The Feather

The Longest route on the cliff. Climb a thin seam to a bolt and then continue weaving your way up. Continue to a hard cruxy section of the route that begins with a series of 3 bolts trending left. Clip these and at the third bolt make a hard move straight up. Make another two or three difficult moves and then finish on easier holds above.

FA: J. Dean Urness, Edwin Guigere & others

Sport 25m, 16
5.10a Wacko Tango

FA: Alex Bain & Mathieu Paul

Sport 12m, 5
5.8 Set it on Fire

Work your way up the face at a crack.

FA: Mathieu Paul & Alex Bain

Sport 10m, 4
5.9 Tech Quilla

Thin slab climbing left of "Set it on Fire"

FA: Anouk Desjardins & Alex Bain

Sport 12m, 5
Main Wall The Asylum - Right
5.10b Catch Me If IFly

Start above Set it on Fire, just right of the rappel anchor. Climb obvious crack to roof and though the break. Top anchor shared with The Recluse

Set by J Dean Urness & Matt Bell

Trad 15m
5.10b The Recluse

Start just left of rappel anchor. Climb small left facing corner though overhang. Sustained.

Set by J Dean Urness & Matt Bell

Sport 15m
5.12c Screaming Chewbaka

Start up and move right into crack and thin seam. Follow bolts up into and though roof. Sustained.

A 60m rope will (just) make it to the the bottom of the Laboratory at Tech Quilla from these anchors.

Set by J Dean Urness, Alex Bain & Matt Bell

Sport 15m
5.13a Jaberwaki

Shared start with Chewbaka. Head up toward chain draw. Head up passed two bolt station and finish at the end of Chewbaka.

Set by J Dean Urness & Alex Bain

Sport 15m
5.12b Jedi Alternative

As Jaberwaki but move left onto arete after the chain draw.

Set by J Dean Urness & Alex Bain

Sport 15m
Main Wall The Asylum - Left
Jabba The Slut

Up the Arete

Set by Alex Bain

SportProject 17m
5.13d Hard Line Cafe

Follow overhanging face up to roof. Power thought the roof to the anchor.

Set by J Dean Urness

Sport 15m
5.12b Hard Line Cafe Alt

Follow Hard Line to roof and exit right toward arete. Finish on Jabba.

Set by J Dean Urness

FA: Alex Bain

Sport 15m
5.12c Rebellion

Stick clip first and second bolt! Sustained climbing all the way though the notch in the roof.

Set by J Dean Urness, Alex Bain & Matt Bell

Sport 13m
5.11c Pitter Patter Let's Get Ar'er

Start in corner then move right onto thin seam and into a dish. Finish on Rebellion.

Set by J Dean Urness

Sport 12m
5.10c Read Between The Lines

Start as Pitter Patter. Approximately half way up move right into a dish and finish as or Pitter Patter.

Set by J Dean Urness & Matt Bell

Top rope 12m
5.10a Battle Star Galactica

Start on good holds up to the chain draw and up to the station on wild holds.

Set by J Dean Urness & Matt Bell

Sport 10m
5.11d The Mellennium Flappin'

Climb Falcon but go straight up the overlap though under cling and long reach to a nice pocket. Pull over the blank section to the top.

Set by J Dean Urness

Sport 10m
5.10b The Millennium Falcon

Climb nice features though the low section to the 3rd bolt in the overlap and escape left to the arete and up to the top.

Set by J Dean Urness

Sport 10m
Main Wall The West Wing
5.10c Chuck-wylde

First route you will encounter after the waterfall. Slabby start into steep and generally juggy climbing up the slightly overhanging orange wall.

FA: Dan S, Jun 2020

Sport 24m, 9
5.8 Vic wouldn't like this!

Middle route on the streaked black/white wall.

Set by Dan S, Oct 2020

FA: Chris Lafleur, Oct 2020

Sport 20m, 7
5.8 LRNA

Climber's left of the streaked black/white wall. Enjoyable face climbing through small roof.

FA: Dan S, Oct 2020

Sport 18m, 6
Pit Stop Wall
5.9 Pockets of Pleasure

Climb pockets up black rock at the left end of this little cliff.

FA: Ashley Barker & Alex Bain

Sport 7m, 2
5.10a Pop the Clutch

FA: Ashley Barker & Alex Bain

Sport 8m, 3
5.10b Drop the Hammer

FA: Edwin Giguere & Alex Bain

Sport 8m, 3
5.10c Ain't First Your Last

FA: Alex Bain & Ashley Barker

Sport 8m, 3
5.10b (unkown)

Right-most route, name unkown.

Sport 7m, 2
The Playground
5.9 Monkey Business

Bolted climb to the left of "Ethical Dilemna", climb past the wide horizontal break (crux) to some technical slab, then bigger holds and the anchors.

FA: Alex Bain & Kelly Idontknow

Sport 13m, 4
5.9 Ethical Dilemna

Climb the obvious crack system on the face left of the large right-facing open book up the middle of the cliff.

FA: J. Dean Urness

Mixed trad 14m, 2
5.10c Namaste

Start up the small pillar right of "Ethical Dilemna" to a small overlap, then up the face above to anchors.

FA: J. Dean Urness & Alex Bain

Sport 14m, 6
5.9 Handicap Exit

The left face of the corner has two bolted lines up it, this is the left-most of the two, following the right side of the arete, up past 4 bolts to easier ground.

FA: Ashley Barker & Alex Bain

Sport 15m, 4
5.10 Gorilla Warfare

Follow the right-trending bolt line to the anchor.

FA: Edwin Giguere

Sport 15m, 6
5.7 The Good Book

Climb the obvious open book, mostly on the right wall of it.

First bolt is high, if too-high, can be easily stick-clipped from the big ledge.

FA: J. Dean Urness

Sport 10m, 3
5.6 In the Pursuit (of fire)

Easy climbing up the bolted face just to the right of the corner.

FA: Edwin Giguere

Sport 12m, 3
5.8 Peanut Butter and Jelly (PBJ)

Next bolt line over -- makes some use of the crack features.

FA: Ashley Barker

Sport 13m, 4
5.10c One Move Wonder

Cleaned, but not yet (August 2014) bolted line to the right of the crack.

FA: Ashley Barker

Sport 14m
5.11c Playing in the Playground

Right-most bolted route.

FA: Alex Bain

Sport 14m, 6
The Sandbox
5.7 PG Lichen and Vitamin D

Start on flakey/blocky holds and move up to a significant horizontal seam. Pull past the seam and on to the upper slab with a varying fingers+/- crack that thins out near the top. Move slightly left to top out, shares bolted anchor with Crack of Time.

FFA: Jeff & A. Frith, May 2020

Trad 10m
5.7 Crack of Time

Same start as Lichen and Vitamin D, then move right up to lone birch halfway up the wall. Move left past the tree and get in to the finger crack that trends left, then zags back right. Finish straight above the tree on face holds to a top out. Bolted anchor shared with Lichen and Vitamin D.

Trad 10m
5.9 Castles in the Sand

Left of Just What the Doctor Ordered. Recommended stick clip of the first bolt as the start is the crux. Move up on good holds and pockets to a ledge, clip a bolt. Then up to the anchors via slab features with a crack on the right.

FFA: Jeff, A. Frith & Corey M, 4 Jul 2020

Sport 13m, 4
5.8 Just What the Doctor Ordered

Start is approx 8 m climbers right of Lichen and Vitamin D and is currently the bolted line furthest right at this sector. Get on the slab and slab, slab, slab up the beautifully featured slab to a large bucket where you will find the bolted anchor.

FFA: Jeff, A. Frith & A. Savoie, Jun 2020

Sport 12m, 3

Showing all 89 routes.

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