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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Secteur Cardinal
V2 #1

SDS match at the bottom of the crack. Follow the line straight up.

V4 #2

Start match on the corner slopper. Make your way right and follow the crack. Top out is sketchy.


Same start as #2 but continue right on two fairly good crimp. Big move to end into problem #1


SDS match on good crimp/side pull. Go up to crimp and finish on problem #2.

V4 #5

SDS match on lower most most of the good shelf. Make your way to left to good crimp. Go up.

V2 Agropur

Start match at the lowest point of the arrete. Make your way to the left and top out at left corner.

FA: Frederic St-Amand, 12 Sep

Agropur Inc.

Start match on two crimps. Two hard moves to finish in Agropur.

V3 Sideways Samba

SDS match on good side pull. Don't forget to pull.

FA: Frederic St-Amand, 12 Sep

V1 #6

Start match on the good jug.


Start match on two micro crimp. Make your way up using the big side pull to the left?

V3 Gaston Lagaffe

Start match on good crimp at eye level. Go left to reach the pocket then top out.

Possible to add a couple more moves if you start further to the right.

FA: Frederic St-Amand, 12 Sep

Is this a moonboard?

SDS with really low left hand crimp and right hand on side pull at eye level. Go straight up. Possible V6-v7


Showing all 12 routes.

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