South West Face

  • Grade context: US

Access: 2021 Sept 20, Rock Closures due to Rock Fall at The Chief

As of September 20th 2021, the following areas are closed due to recent rockfalls on The Chief:

North Walls:

  • Lower Zodiac Wall (between Parallel Universe and Angel's Crest, inclusively)

  • Upper Zodiac Wall (Between Lunar Tides and Polaris, inclusively)

  • Bouldering areas: Dark side

Most (but not all) of THE GRAND WALL area is closed.

Please see Squamish Access Society (@squamishaccesssociety IG) for more details and for updates

See warning details and discuss

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Access issues inherited from Squamish

There are occasional crags that are on private land (and closed) -- but generally climbing is well accepted and welcomed at the various crags and areas around Squamish.

Ethic inherited from Gondola Crags

These areas are high traffic with tourists, please pack in what you pack out, including biological waste! Bathrooms are provided at the gondola Peak, about 15 min from Ultraviolet Cliff, and 30 from the Wrinkle Rock area.

This cliff doesn't have any sub-areas or routes yet!

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This cliff is unlocated

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