Ethic inherited from West Kootenays

Be mindful of wildlife, especially in more remote areas.


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Grade Route

FA: Rukas Fodor, 2019

1 5.9 30m
2 5.8 25m
3 5.9 45m
  1. 5.9 30m. Either climb right up the blocky corner around the tree to a narrow slab then back left to a good ledge 5.7. Or climb straight up the corner through the broken crack and over some delicate slabs.

  2. 5.8 25m. Climb the face then follow the rib up and right to sloping grass ledge. Possible to walk off left.

  3. 5.9 45m. Traverse right then stem your way up the long corner with good holds on the right.

Exit left and down the trail in the gully or rap the route.

FA: Hamish Mutch, 2017

1 5.9 30m
2 5.8 25m
3 5.9 45m
4 5.3 30m
5 5.5 30m
6 5.5 30m
7 5.3 25m
8 5.9 33m
  1. 5.9 30m. See 'Joan of Arc'

  2. 5.8 25m. See 'Joan of Arc'

  3. 5.9 45m. See 'Joan of Arc'

  4. 5.3 30m. Angle up and right over two large steps. Tree Belay. Often combined with Pitch 5 by staying left of the tree.

  5. 5.5 30m. Continue up the main slab. Some route finding required for the next 3 pitches.

  6. 5.5 30m. Continue up the slab and through some bushes. Often combined with Pitch 7.

  7. 5.3 25m. Up the easy slab.

  8. 5.9 33m. Climb up the gully on the right to the base of the corner 5.7. Or Climb the face on the left to the base of the corner 5.8. Then up the groove past a shallow roof to a belay on a boulder at the top. The second to last bolt can be tricky to spot.

FA: Hamish Mutch, 2017

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