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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Love Shack Wall
5.11d/12a Leapin’ Lizzards Sport 7
5.12c/d Bat(s) in Brac Sport 7
5.12a Parrot Trooper Sport 7
5.12a Throwin’ the Hoola Girl Sport 7
5.12b Bric-a-Brac Crack Sport 6
5.13 Cayman Daze SportProject 6
5.12c Cayman Nights Sport 6
Stargazer Wall
5.9 Betelgeuse Sport 7
5.11d/12a Sirius Sport 6
5.11a Canopus Sport 6
Valentines Wall
5.12b The Nose In A Day Sport 6
5.12a Date-less on Valentines Day Sport 7
5.11b Free Snakin’ and Drawless Sport 6
5.11a Black Hole Sport 6
5.11d Mo’ Betta Beta Sport 4
The Backyard
5.11c/d NoName 1 Sport
5.11b NoName 2 Sport
5.10c NoName 3 Sport
The Orange Cave Orange Cave
5.10b Chum Buckets

FA: Skip Harper & Ernie Johnson, 1994

Sport 5
5.10d Goin’ to Cayman with a Snorkel in My Jeans Sport 5
5.11a Orange Fantasea Sport 7
5.8 L’ Orangerie Sport 5
5.8 Boy Georange Sport 5
5.7 Lord Slime Sport 4
The Orange Cave Theology
5.10b Ick! Theology! Sport 9
5.10c Nameology Sport 8
The Orange Cave Orange Streak
5.6 Brac Snack Sport 3
5.7 Orange Streak Sport 6
5.9 Shark Bait Sport 5
5.10d Fake Left, Move Right Sport 7
The Orange Cave Seahorse
5.7 Bananaquit Sport 11
5.11c/d Flying the Colors Sport 12
5.12d Anemone Sport 15
The Wave Wall
5.12c/d The Huckster Sport 6
5.12d/13a Get It Together Sport 8
5.12b Pirates of Penance Sport 5
5.12d Pirates of Pissants Sport 6
5.10d Conched Out Sport 7
5.10c Frolickin’ Frigates Sport 8
5.10b Booby Trap Sport 8
5.9 Blackened Durgon Sport 11
5.10d Reef on This! Sport 13
5.10d Parrot Preserves on Rye Sport 11
5.10c Jumbo Shrimp

Extension of "Reef on This!" and "Parrot Preserves on Rye". Possible to top out.

Sport 2
5.8 Ray’s Gar and Krill Sport 4
5.10d/11a The Legend of Big Black Dick Sport 12
5.12a Unsuspecting Remora Sport 10
5.10a Shooting the Curl Sport 8
5.10d Hang Ten Sport 9
5.10b New Wave Sport 8
5.8 Old School Sport 7
5.11c/d Crab Dance Sport 9
5.12a Salty Dog Sport 11
The Northeast Point
5.9 What’s the Point? Sport 13
5.12c Freedom Sport 17
5.11b Throwin’ the Tortuga Sport 11
5.11c A Porcupine Named Fluffy Sport 12
5.11d/12a Renegade Sport 14
5.11a The Devil Wears Flippers Sport 15
5.11c/d Spermy the Whale Sport 14
5.10b Shiver Me Timbers Sport 13
5.10b Blackbeard’s Revenge Sport 9
5.10c Walking the Plank Sport 12
5.10a No Problem, Mon Sport 9
5.11b Porpoise Christi

Direct start to No Problem, Mon.

Sport 4
The Wall of Early Morning Flight
5.11c Holy Huecos Batwo-mon Sport 14
5.11d Spine-less Sport 15
5.12a Chicken of the Sea Sport 10
5.12a Hot Tuna Sport 8
5.10c Beach Fire
1 5.10c
2 5.10c
Sport 2, 13
Mud Falcon

Top-rope variation of Beach Fire.

Top rope
Edd's Place
5.10a Spiral Staircase Sport 12
5.11a Limestone Pirate Sport 12
5.11d/12a Jumpin’ Sport 10
Neptunes's lair
5.8 Little Mermaid Sport 4
5.11c Calypso Sport 7
5.11a Booby Eggs for Breakfast Sport 10
5.12a The Poseidon Adventure Sport 10
5.13 The Tempest Sport 11
Spot Bay Pinky's Buttress
Hand Me The Can of Tuna, Boy SportProject 4
5.12b Full Metal Jackfish Sport 12
Spot Bay Iguana Wall
5.11d Larry the Lime Lizard Sport 5
5.11c Tufa One Sport 5
5.12a Tufa Two Sport 6
5.12a Iguana without a G Sport 9
5.11a Turtle Tufa Tango Sport 11
Spot Bay Dixon’s Wall
5.12c Water Boarding Sport 4
5.11d Chinese Water Torture Sport 11
5.12a Peaceful Warrior Sport 6
5.10b The End Justifies the Knees Sport 8
5.10a OMG! Sport 8
5.10c Rodeo Lover

Extension of OMG!.

Sport 1
5.11d Wait! Wait! Stop The Bus! Sport 8
5.11c/d Bussy’s Bulge Sport 9
5.11d/12a Lizzard the Gizzard Sport 10
5.11b Dixon’s Delight Sport 10
5.12b Hindenberg’s Harmonica Sport 12
5.11d Out of Africa Sport 10
5.12a Buffalo Soldier Sport 11
5.10c Captain Kirk’s First Voyage Sport 8

Showing 1 - 100 out of 113 routes.

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