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The Wave Wall
5.12c/d The Huckster
5.12d/13a Get It Together
5.12b Pirates of Penance
5.12d Pirates of Pissants
5.10d Conched Out
5.10c Frolickin’ Frigates
5.10b Booby Trap
5.9 Blackened Durgon
5.10d Reef on This!
5.10d Parrot Preserves on Rye
5.10c Jumbo Shrimp

Extension of "Reef on This!" and "Parrot Preserves on Rye". Possible to top out.

5.8 Ray’s Gar and Krill
5.10d/11a The Legend of Big Black Dick
5.12a Unsuspecting Remora
5.10a Shooting the Curl
5.10d Hang Ten
5.10b New Wave
5.8 Old School
5.11c/d Crab Dance
5.12a Salty Dog

Showing all 21 nodes.

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