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Showing all 25 routes.

Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Pinky's Buttress
Hand Me The Can of Tuna, Boy SportProject 4
5.12b Full Metal Jackfish Sport 12
Iguana Wall
5.11d Larry the Lime Lizard Sport 5
5.11c Tufa One Sport 5
5.12a Tufa Two Sport 6
5.12a Iguana without a G Sport 9
5.11a Turtle Tufa Tango Sport 11
Dixon’s Wall
5.12c Water Boarding Sport 4
5.11d Chinese Water Torture Sport 11
5.12a Peaceful Warrior Sport 6
5.10b The End Justifies the Knees Sport 8
5.10a OMG! Sport 8
5.10c Rodeo Lover

Extension of OMG!.

Sport 1
5.11d Wait! Wait! Stop The Bus! Sport 8
5.11c/d Bussy’s Bulge Sport 9
5.11d/12a Lizzard the Gizzard Sport 10
5.11b Dixon’s Delight Sport 10
5.12b Hindenberg’s Harmonica Sport 12
5.11d Out of Africa Sport 10
5.12a Buffalo Soldier Sport 11
5.10c Captain Kirk’s First Voyage Sport 8
5.12a Boom! Sport 9
5.12b Carpe Stalactite Sport 7
5.13a In Vino Veritas Sport 8
5.13a Pole Dancer Sport 7

Showing all 25 routes.

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