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Showing all 13 routes.

Grade Route Gear style Popularity
5.12a Touching Cloth

Set by Doug Robertson, Jan 2012

Sport 30m, 12
5.12b Prairie Doggin'

FA: Dave Gliddon, Feb 2012

Sport 25m, 11
5.12a Black Thumb

FA: Andrew Hedesh, Aug 2012

Sport 25m, 13
5.12d 18 or 25

Set by Dave Gliddon, Jan 2012

Sport 30m, 12
5.12b The Gash
Sport 30m, 11
5.12d Hung Like a Horse
Sport 30m, 13
5.11d Kicking the Goat
Sport 30m, 12
5.11a Up for interpretation
Sport 15m, 6
5.10d Itchy Crotch
Sport 20m, 11
5.10c Sorry Jimmy
Sport 20m, 11
5.11d Ye Old Goat
Sport 25m, 9
5.10d Kozi Bobek
Sport 16m, 8
5.10c Mops Tufa Dyno
Sport 18m, 7

Showing all 13 routes.

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