Cheese Side




The right hand side is the 1st area you come to.

Access issues inherited from 阳朔 Yangshuo

Be aware: about 60% of the climbing occurs in a "scenic tourist park". As long as you travel by motorbike or bicycle the 100rmb entrance fee is not required. You will learn about this in the first few days in Yangshuo. It doesn't really concern climbers, but is pertinent info...especially when considering a taxi during inclement weather.

All of the land belongs to the Chinese government and has been appropriated to respective farming villages. Each crag and it's access is then controlled by either the village collectively or a specific person, so technically we as climbers are trespassing 95% of the time in China. However, most villagers welcome climbing and do not present any problems. On the contrary, certain crags have historically had issues. If there is signage at any crag asking for small donations (1-5rmb for vehicle parking), please be willing to pay. This money goes directly to the local villager whose land we are using and supports the local associations' agreement with the villagers. The money is minimal and the result has been very beneficial to resolving any issues. Thank You.

Ethic inherited from 瑞士墙 Swiss Wall

Belaying with the noise from the team building will be difficult, specially on longer routes (e.g. Mouse trap). Avoid friction.



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furthest left route on this section of wall

Nice climbing.

FA: Andrew Hedesh & Erin, 2009

IF you think this route is runout then you went off route.... especially because the apparent runout section is on the easy 5.8 of Philly Cheese Steak. sometimes people dog out of the mousetrap up high and miss a bolt or two, but it’s more like they couldn't outsmart the trap. on the upper wall above the trap, stay on the face and don’t go left. Left is for dogs!

FA: Andrew

Located directly left of Chairman Mo. Follows the long cave and arete.

FA: Andrew Hedesh., May 2011

FA: Jeremy Wendell, 2009

This climb starts on the left of the learning anchor. it was a dud of an addition by some random chinese hoping for another guide route.

Easy fun climbing.

FA: Andrew Hedesh & Joe Gasses, 2009

Maybe the best route at the crag.

FA: Alex Xi Tang, 2009

Shares the same start with Cheese Grader and then branches left.

FA: A.Dong, 2009

Sharp in places with a tufa at the top.

FA: Andrew Hedesh & Alex Xi Tang, 2009

Good overhanging arete. A little scary in the middle section.

FA: Jia Guiting & Qiu Jiang, 2010

A few awkward clips and a tad scary.

FA: Jeremy Wendell, 2009

FA: Andrew Hedesh, 2009

FA: Andrew Hedesh, 2009

FA: Joe Gasses, 2009

Set by YSCA, 2013


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