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Access: 大部分岩场暂时关闭 Most crags are closed


Aaron Yu : 除了新岩场云塔山,其他的都被政府关闭了,开放时间目前不知道。

wenpei he 小文 : 部分岩友不愿签免责协议,这次连续吵了三天还报了很多次警,然后镇长所长都下来了,所以关闭了。在解决有的岩友不签署免责这个问题之前应该不会开放

Due to some climbers refused to sign waiver, crags are closed temporarily.

See warning details and discuss

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Ethic inherited from 石鼓 Shigu


In order to gain support from local villages, please sign a waiver (no fee) with the Shigu Climbing Base, which pays annual fees to local villages for the crags.


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