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Showing all 19 routes.

Grade Route Gear style Popularity
The Graveyard
FR:6b Cemetery Poker

FFA: Tom Wright

Sport 20m, 11
FR:6b Tombstone Blues

FA: Tom Wright

Sport 20m, 12
FR:6b Mercy Seeds

FA: Tom Wright

Sport 20m, 11
FR:6b Gods away on business

FA: Tom Wright

Sport 20m, 13
TNT Wall
{FR} 6b Bergies bolting badly

FFA: Peter Mortimer

Sport 20m
{FR} 6b Flying fridges

FFA: Peter Mortimer

Sport 20m
小墨雨洞 Xiao Mo Yu Cave
5.10d Lay Backer

crazy move,and wonderful balance,not a easy go

Sport 11m, 5
5.10d Elvis Foot

short and normal route 石头比较碎,小心落石

Sport 12m, 6
5.10d Buddha Panda 熊猫烧香
Sport 15m, 5
5.10d Middle Beginner
Sport 15m, 5
5.10d Big Beginner

classic route out of the cave,must do

Sport 18m, 7
5.10d Finger

big move,harder if you are not a tall guy,fun route

Sport 11m, 4
5.10d Secret Joy
5.10d Million Ma 百万马力
Sport 20m, 7
Honey Wall
FR:6b+ A-birth
Pregnancy Wall
FR:6b Village girl
FR:6b+ Coco`s nipple
FR:6b+ Dr. Devious
Wind Tunnel
{FR} 6b A moment of clarity

FFA: Dave Hoven

Sport 20m

Showing all 19 routes.

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