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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
富民 Fumin Canyon 桔子墙 Orange Face
5.11a 鬼子来了 Devils on the Doorstep Sport 12m, 5
5.11a 找不到 Covered Sport 14m, 6
富民 Fumin Canyon 阴影墙 Shadow Wall
5.11a Huge Rock 大石头 Sport 17m
5.11a Cold Cave 冷洞 Sport 17m
5.11a No Sweat 不流汗 Sport 17m
富民 Fumin Canyon 下老红岩 Lower Old Red Rock
5.11a 新年星期三 New Year Wednesday Sport 31m
大岩头 The Gash
{FR} 6b+ Old Curmudgeon

FFA: Peter Mortimer

Sport 20m
{FR} 6c Happy Ending

FFA: Peter Mortimer

Sport 20m
{FR} 6c Plunge of the mantis

FFA: Peter Mortimer

Sport 20m
FR:6b+ Vagazzled

Set by Peter

{FR} 6b+ Into the wild

FFA: Peter Mortimer

5.11a 吓到猫

Set by 张勇, 2018

FFA: 张勇, 2018

Sport 15m, 8
5.11a/b 黄西瓜骗局

Set by 熊猫, 2018

Sport 25m, 9
5.11a 有风There is wind

Set by 王二, 2018

FFA: 王二, 2018

Sport 24m, 9
5.11a Cracker

Set by Peter, 2018

Sport 25m, 10
Swallow Cave 燕子洞 Shady Grove 林荫墙
FR:6c Xia ban

Set by Peter Mortimer

FR:6c Happy Rabbit快乐的兔子


Set by yang bin

Sport 6
FR:6c Negative Nancy

Set by Tom Wright

Sport 10
FR:6b+ Sleepy bee

Set by Carlos

Swallow Cave 燕子洞 Cave 洞
FR:6b+ First Blood

FA: Ryan Butler

Sport 12m
FR:6b+ Stealing flange

Right side of the hippo tail

{FR} 6c Soggy Nacho

入口第一条 slab到大仰角

Sport 6
Swallow Cave 燕子洞 The Hot Spot 热点
FR:6c Broken Man

FA: Peter Mortimer

Sport 12m
Mo Yu 墨雨 The Graveyard
FR:6c Reach Around

Set by Tom Wright

FA: peter mortimer

Sport 20m, 10
FR:6c Happiness is a warm gun

Set by Tom Wright

FA: Tom Wright

Sport 20m, 11
Mo Yu 墨雨 小墨雨洞 Xiao Mo Yu Cave
5.11a One Time

nice bouldering move,short but fun,if you want to taste this area,try it!

Sport 10m, 3
5.11a Shock Shark

crimpy,sharp,classic and some loose rock,be careful when you climb it

Sport 15m, 8
5.11a Bloody Hand
Sport 15m, 6
5.11a Mass 狼牙棒
Mo Yu 墨雨 Honey Wall
FR:6b+ A-birth
Mo Yu 墨雨 Pregnancy Wall
FR:6b+ Coco`s nipple
FR:6b+ Dr. Devious
Western Hills 西山 观海阁岩 High Area
5.11a 毛线 Knitting wool

Set Jun 2016

Sport 16m
5.11a 岩雀 Rock sparrow

Set Jun 2016

Sport 20m, 8
5.11a 靠谱不靠谱 Reliable or not

Set Jun 2016

Sport 26m, 13
5.11a 老友记 Old Friend

Set Jun 2016

Sport 28m
5.11a 醉汉的归宿 The home of drunker


Set Jun 2016

Sport 20m, 8
Western Hills 西山 猫头鹰岩 Low Area
5.11a 打冒炸 Da Mao Zha

Set 20 Feb 2016

Sport 12m, 4
5.11a 迁移 Migration

Set 20 Feb 2016

Sport 13m, 5
Western Hills 西山 黑墙
5.11a 棉花脚
Sport 23m, 9
Western Hills 西山 红石墙
5.11a 狗狗社交

Set by 熊猫, Jan 2019

Sport 25m
抚仙湖 海口玉皇阁
5.11a Nirvana 涅槃

FFA: 黄豆

Sport 13m, 5
5.11a 樱花

Set by 小毛驴, Jan 2019

FA: 辛巴, 3 May 2020

Sport 14m, 6
5.11a 活在当下

FFA: 谭啸非

Set by 小毛驴, Jan 2019

Sport 9m, 4

Showing all 44 routes.

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