Routes in 小墨雨洞 Xiao Mo Yu Cave

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Showing all 46 routes.

Grade Route Gear style Popularity
5.12b Last Surprise

powerful move,bouldering style and short short route,like its name。

Sport 8m, 4
Big Mango

crazy holds,nothing in the wall,waiting for first ascent

SportProject 13m, 4
5.10b Hidden Smoke

another lay back route,wonderful and joyful。becare of the tree behind you。

Sport 11m, 3
5.10b Mr. Green
Sport 15m
5.11a One Time

nice bouldering move,short but fun,if you want to taste this area,try it!

Sport 10m, 3
5.10d Lay Backer

crazy move,and wonderful balance,not a easy go

Sport 11m, 5
5.11a Shock Shark

crimpy,sharp,classic and some loose rock,be careful when you climb it

Sport 15m, 8
5.10d Elvis Foot

short and normal route 石头比较碎,小心落石

Sport 12m, 6
5.10d Buddha Panda 熊猫烧香
Sport 15m, 5
5.10d Middle Beginner
Sport 15m, 5
5.10d Big Beginner

classic route out of the cave,must do

Sport 18m, 7
5.11a Bloody Hand
Sport 15m, 6
5.10b Small Beginner
Sport 15m, 6
5.10d Finger

big move,harder if you are not a tall guy,fun route

Sport 11m, 4
Yunnan coffee
SportProject 23m, 11
5.14b Tank 坦克

FA: 王清华, May 2019

Sport 9
5.12a Star Tears 流星雨
Sport 10
5.13b Endless Waiting
5.12d Dirty Saturday 肮脏星期六
Sport 6
5.13b Headjam
5.13a win 10

extention above '4 Days XP' ,top is left side of the headjam download

Sport 26m, 9
5.11b 4 Days XP
Sport 18m, 7
5.13b Urumqi 乌鲁木齐
Sport 27m, 12
5.13a Dog Bone 狗骨头

FFA: 老向

5.13a Devil’s Dance 群魔乱舞

FFA: 大魏

5.13b KO
5.13c Tricky Tracy

Cruisy moves to a boulder problem, was graded as 5.14a.

FA: 马自达

Sport 20m, 10
German Job
SportProject 15m, 8
5.12b Mummy’s scream 木乃伊的尖叫
Sport 15m, 6
5.12d Frog's three finger pockets
Sport 15m, 8
5.11a Mass 狼牙棒
5.10d Secret Joy
5.13c 荆棘 Jin Ji
Sport 7
Tempered glass
5.12b Breakwater
5.13a Tequila
Sport 7
5.14a Space jump
Sport 14m, 8
5.12c Dong Yin Gong 冬阴功
Sport 10
5.12c Full Moon Killer 圆月弯刀

与 Million Ma 共顶

Sport 11
5.12d Mao Chong
5.12a Emotion start
Sport 7
5.11b Little Qiang 小强
Sport 6
5.10d Million Ma 百万马力
Sport 20m, 7
5.11b Million Ma Extention
Sport 25m, 12
5.11c Half beast man 半兽人
Sport 9
Depressed ending

Showing all 46 routes.

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