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Dalmatia is a narrow stripe of Croatia located at the east shore of the Adriatic Sea, stretching from the island of Rab in the north to the Bay of Kotor in the south with Split as major city.



  1. Paklenica climbing guide - ČUJIĆ, Boris, 2017: Paklenica climbing guide. 7th edition, Astroida, p. 304.

Depending on your inclination, you may perceive Paklenica either as a most convenient venue with rock-climbing of many tastes served on a silver platter - or as an overcommercialized outdoor gym. Paklenica's limestone offers numerous routes of all difficulty, from boulders, short sport routes to harrowing multi-pitch trad adventures. The more frequented sectors are well signposted; benchmark routes are labelled with small plaquettes. Paklenica is a national park. The climbing is restricted to the great gorge. There is an entrance fee to be paid for entering the gorge, 5-day-discounts (within 30 days) are available (check The narrowest (and most frequented) part of the gorge is a few steps from the parking. Here you can climb also with small children - if you ensure they don't fall down the 1-m-embankment into the creek. Further up in the sides of the canyon there are many multipitch routes in various grades, less suitable for families. The most famous rock formation is Anica Kuk with routes up to 350 m. Most of the routes in Paklenica are well bolted. Grading is in UIAA or in French scale.


Klanci consits of many small areas like: Parkiraliste, Krokodil, Popaj, Hram, Olimp etc. This area is as perfect sector for whole families (aesier routes) as for lovers of harder sport routes.

Paklenica Klanci

The closest crag from parking place and entrance to just along the way to others crags in Klanci.

Paklenica Klanci Parkiralište
6b Petronilla
6c Cellulite free
6b Kagula
7a+ E.T.

Overhang on the top with small crimps.

5c Banana split
7a+ Stimula
6b Lu-Lu
6a+ Joint
6c Tofi is 20
Paklenica Klanci
Paklenica Klanci Krokodil
6b+ Seppi
5c Rasierklinge
6c+ Steza mojstrov
6b Auskneifer
6c Aligator
7c+ Platoon
6b Krokodil
6c+ Ananass
6a+ OO
Paklenica Klanci
Paklenica Klanci Auhe
3c (unknown)
5b Auhe
5a Wiener Würstchen
3+ Marija
4a Skorpion Var.left

linke Variante, with friends or toprope, no bolts!

4a Skorpion
Paklenica Klanci
Paklenica Klanci Devnjača
7a+ Čuvarkuća
? Projekt
Paklenica Klanci
Paklenica Klanci Jupi
6a Jupi
6a+ Blutwurst
6a+ Condor
Paklenica Klanci

Sector around the souvenir shop

Paklenica Klanci Popaj
5c Butter Keks
6a+ Oster Keks
6b Črni Gad
6a+ Inox
7a+ Rapina
6a+ Popaj
5c Safety first
6b+ Mit feiner Klinge
Paklenica Klanci
Paklenica Klanci Hram
7b+/c Volos
7b+ Svantevid
7c/c+ Perun
7c+ Bogata Marija
7c+ Funky shit
7b+ Svarog
6c Kiborg
7c+ Gozdni Joža
7b+/c Jožek
8a Mrakan
7b Vodan
6c+ Gerovit
6c Morana
5c Danka
Paklenica Klanci
Paklenica Klanci Olimp
6a+ Minerva

wall climbing on a hard limestone (small pockets, crags, holes)

6a Had
6b Zeus
6a+ Hera

a bit difficult start, go on the left side;)

Paklenica Klanci
Paklenica Klanci Figa
4b Nane
4b+ Figa
4b+ Mann oder Memme
4b Mann oder Memme Var.

keine Haken, rauhere Variante gleich rechts von „Mann oder Memme“

4a Palenta
4a Çokolino
3+ Kovalski
3+ Hello Kitty
3 Winnie Pooh
Paklenica Klanci
Paklenica Klanci Veleshit
4a Zekoslav mrkva
4a Svemirko
5a Miki Maus
6a+ Veleshit
6a II viaggio
6a Reibeissen
Paklenica Klanci
Paklenica Klanci Lipotica
5b Strije
5c Celulit
5a Tripice
4c Make up
Paklenica Klanci
Zighi & Urli
Paklenica Klanci Zighi & Urli
6a Onofrio
6a+ Mascherino
5b Gripa
6a Nemam ništa, socijalni problem!
5b Capitan Corragiosi
Paklenica Klanci
Paklenica Klanci Colibri
7a Magic moon
7b Magic moon (variant)
6c Colibri
6c Flori

Showing 1 - 100 out of 2,447 nodes.

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