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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Paklenica Klanci Parkiralište
6b Petronilla Sport 20m
6c Cellulite free Sport 20m
6b Kagula Sport 20m
7a+ E.T.

Overhang on the top with small crimps.

Sport 20m
5c Banana split Sport 15m
7a+ Stimula Sport 20m
6b Lu-Lu Sport 20m
6a+ Joint Sport 20m
6c Tofi is 20 Sport 20m
Paklenica Klanci Krokodil
6b+ Seppi Sport 8m
5c Rasierklinge Sport 9m
6c+ Steza mojstrov Sport 15m
6b Auskneifer Sport 15m
6c Aligator Sport 14m
Projekt Sport 14m
7c+ Platoon Sport 13m
6b Krokodil Sport 22m
6c+ Ananass Sport 15m
6a+ OO Sport 15m
Paklenica Klanci Auhe
3c (unknown) Sport 16m
5b Auhe Sport 13m
5a Wiener Würstchen Sport 13m
3+ Marija Sport 12m
4a Skorpion Var.left

linke Variante, with friends or toprope, no bolts!

Sport 13m
4a Skorpion Sport 13m
Paklenica Klanci Devnjača
7a+ Čuvarkuća Sport 20m
? Projekt Sport 15m
Paklenica Klanci Jupi
6a Jupi Sport 12m
6a+ Blutwurst Sport 12m
6a+ Condor Sport 10m
Paklenica Klanci Popaj
5c Butter Keks Sport 18m, 7
6a+ Oster Keks Sport 18m
6b Črni Gad Sport 20m
6a+ Inox Sport 20m
7a+ Rapina Sport 20m
6a+ Popaj Sport 20m
5c Safety first Sport 20m
6b+ Mit feiner Klinge Sport 25m
Paklenica Klanci Hram
7b+/c Volos Sport 15m
7b+ Svantevid Sport 15m
7c/c+ Perun Sport 15m
7c+ Bogata Marija Sport 15m
7c+ Funky shit Sport 15m
7b+ Svarog Sport 20m
6c Kiborg Sport 14m
7c+ Gozdni Joža Sport 14m
7b+/c Jožek Sport 14m
8a Mrakan Sport 15m
7b Vodan Sport 15m
6c+ Gerovit Sport 14m
6c Morana Sport 13m
5c Danka Sport 13m
Paklenica Klanci Olimp
6a+ Minerva

wall climbing on a hard limestone (small pockets, crags, holes)

Sport 24m
6a Had Sport 25m
6b Zeus Sport 25m, 8
6a+ Hera

a bit difficult start, go on the left side;)

Sport 25m
Paklenica Klanci Figa
4b Nane Sport 20m
4b+ Figa Sport 20m
4b+ Mann oder Memme Sport 23m
4b Mann oder Memme Var.

keine Haken, rauhere Variante gleich rechts von „Mann oder Memme“

Sport 20m
4a Palenta Sport 11m
4a Çokolino Sport 12m
3+ Kovalski Sport 12m
3+ Hello Kitty Sport 9m
3 Winnie Pooh Sport 10m
Paklenica Klanci Veleshit
4a Zekoslav mrkva Sport 8m
4a Svemirko Sport 8m
5a Miki Maus Sport 10m
6a+ Veleshit Sport 17m
6a II viaggio Sport 18m
6a Reibeissen Sport 18m
Paklenica Klanci Lipotica
5b Strije Sport 30m
5c Celulit Sport 35m
5a Tripice Sport 35m
4c Make up Sport 35m
Paklenica Klanci Zighi & Urli
6a Onofrio Sport 25m
6a+ Mascherino Sport 25m
5b Gripa Sport 15m
6a Nemam ništa, socijalni problem! Sport 33m
5b Capitan Corragiosi Sport 30m
Paklenica Klanci Colibri
7a Magic moon Sport 24m
7b Magic moon (variant) Sport 25m
6c Colibri Sport 24m
6c Flori Sport 23m
6c Flash back Sport 23m
6c+/7a Davidovo drugo stanje Sport 23m
7b Mucachito Sport 23m
6c+ Present of nature Sport 23m
6c Buda bez muda Sport 20m
6a+ Isar Flimmern Sport 30m
Paklenica Klanci Hidrogliser
6a Hidrogliser Sport 30m
6b Radegast Sport 30m
5c Esseker Sport 30m
6c Papillon Sport 18m
6c Vaga vaga dum Sport 16m
6a+ Toi-toi Sport 16m
Paklenica Klanci Zava
3 Njofra Sport 12m
3 Husky Sport 12m
4a Petar Pan Sport 12m
6a+ Bine Maja

Name written on base.

Sport 17m

Showing 1 - 100 out of 2,234 routes.

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