Hard overhang boulder area. Easy approach. Short routes. 1 chrashpad is sufficient. Possible to boulder alone.


Hard boulder area with mostly overhang routes. Just in the left side are some vertical routes. Grades in font style. Dries slowly once wet Very easy to boulder alone to cause its not to high and easy jump off. One chrashpad is sufficient mostly. There are toilets and water available at the spot. Whole day sun in winter days.

Access issues

Area is on cemetary of lovrinac in split. Any GPS can easely find it. There are opening hours from 7 till 17.00 h. After that acces is not allowed. Respect this place of pray for the people visiting there.


Crag is located at cemetary lovrinac in split. Easy to reach from center, max 10 min drive by car. Once you come there on parking take the main entrance of cemetery. If you just pass the gate look slightly right and you see the rock formation on some kind of platform. Walk towards it, the boulders are on the back of this rock and can't be missed. There is a small grass field in front of them and a tunnel built in the middle of them.

Where to stay

Center of split is nearby and offers many possibilities.


It's a cemetary so no yelling, music or parties etc.


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Grade Route

Use slopers to start and climb straight up

Stand start on two descent krimps. Hard technical climb on smaller holds.

Take start from kamerad and traverse towards left on same height as start. Top out trough besa route.

Lower start following the vertical edge of the boulder up on bigger holds. Top out in last big whole at top.

Stame start as kamerad. After reaching first whole above start. Far reachy move to the right to good jug. From there again right traverse for 3 more moves till top out. Maybe a spotter is recommended if not sure of moves.

FA: Jeroen Op De Beeck, 7 Jan 2023

Start from big whole. Traverse left on same height and go up straight under big whole on top where top out is.

Start on smaller holds down. Finishes in big whole above using some sloper for the right hand before.


After coming to whole use the jug on right side. High up underling for right hand to bad sloper top out above it.

Standing start from good hold on human behavior. Travers right on the belly of the rock and top out on good hold of beautiful.

Clear standing start on two small edges. Use even smaller edges to get up. Top out on horizontal big crack.

Standing start. Far move up to sloper on right side. Following this one up to horizontal part.

Climb straight up till the edge.

Use sit start to make it in 8a route.

Climb up in diagonal line to the left. The line is very clear. Ends at big whole at the top of line. Shares a start with boomerang.

Start on the left of tunnel. Using sloper holds climb up the vertical edge of the rock to top out on a clear jug.

Low start at the vertical edge of the rock not using side edge but only frontal.

Traverse the whole big hole horizontally and top out diagonal to the right to the slopers.

Start in lower hole and go straight up. Top out on edge on top.

Start halfway big hole and go slightly left to the top.

Start on right side of bih hole and climb straight up.

Same am start as ebola. Use the two holes to go diagonal right after getting two features with crimp reachy move to edge to continue to good jug on top.

Start on lower sloper hold. Go up to the left diagonal only using slopers. There is a big features that allows for vertical edge holds wich makes the route in a 6c when used

Same as sloperica only vertical edge halfway can be used.

Same start as ebola completly On the left. Traverse to right side above the big hole and top out same way as sloperica.

Sit start using low sloper piece of rock. Reach to small crack straight and far up and after slightly right die top out.

Start from crack and go slightly right to top out on slopers

Same start as strumpf. Traverse left halfway and top out same way as kundun.

Low start using Edge to get up. Slightly right to top out.

Same start as strumpf. But go right following arc and after top out further right up.

Follow edge opposite of strumpf till the top using good holds

FA: Jeroen Op De Beeck, 7 Jan 2023

Start lower and follow edge of rock going up slightly diagonal to the left.

FA: Jeroen Op De Beeck, 7 Jan 2023

Long and hard traverse. Start is left of azreal, further right even. Then traverse all the way till strumpf start and top out using strumpf line. KEEP LOW OK TRAVERSE AVOIDING BIGGER HOLDS ON TOP

FA: Jeroen Op De Beeck, 7 Jan 2023

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