Zarostlá věž

  • Grade context: SX
  • Ascents: 19
  • Aka: Bewachsener Turm



Access issues inherited from Ostrov

Get the local climbing guidebook from Refugio Tisá, HUDY Hřensko possibly also from the local camp. Two options available:

TOPO guide in German and English, 2020 uses standardized saxon grading system wherever the grade is known (marked with "RP").

Průvodce Ostrov, standard czech text guide, 2021, Pay special attention as it uses the traditional JPK grading system! (see grading in description)

Ethic inherited from Labské pískovce

Check particular areas for more detailed rules and nature protecton restrictions. General czech sandstone rules apply in all areas:

  1. Climbing is only allowed on dry rock.

  2. No changing of the rock surface.

  3. No hardware protection (friends, rocks, pitons). The gaps between the ring/bolts may only be filled with slings. UFOs (textile friends) are allowed.

  4. No Toprope if it may damage rock or fixed protection (=in theory allowed if there is a maillon or if you use own quickdraw as anchor point AND there is no rope friction with rock)

  5. First ascents shall be consulted upfront with the area administrator. Contacts available at

  6. Further local rules apply depending on the level of protection. See the particular area details.


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Grade Route

FA: Rudolf Hennig & A.Schmieder, 1911

FA: František Žid & K.Bělina, 1980

FA: Jan Hoblák, J.Voves, J.Krtková & J.Krtek, 1988

FA: Stanislav Lukavský und Jan Voves, 1993

FA: Karel Bělina & F. Žid, 1980

FA: Hans Stöltzel, H.Wetzel & G.Wend, 1921

SX grade unknown, czech JPK grade = VIIa

FA: Max Wunderwald & W.Geipel, 1922

FA: Arno Rzepka, 1924

SX grade unknown, czech JPK grade = V

FA: Jan Bílek, B.Fabián & E.Wrbík, 1969

FA: Petr Holík, 1990


FA: Karel Bělina & František Žid, 1980

FA: Petr Holík & J.Ježek, 1999

FA: Erich Hübner & R. Baumgart, 1921

FA: Jiří Souček, L.Hovorka & P.Bednář, 1985

FA: Ondřej Johanovský & u.Gef., 1999

SX grade unknown, czech JPK grade = V

FA: Werner Herrmann & W.Löser, 1933

FA: Emanuel Strubich & F.May, 1919

SX grade unknown, czech JPK grade = VI

FA: Erich Hübner, M.Wunderwald & A.Klemm, 1922

SX grade unknown, czech JPK grade = VIIa

FA: Gerhard Tschunko & W.Kubinec

FA: Jaroslav Budín & M.Matras, 1969

Reibung, Hangel

FA: Jan Voves und Jan Hoblák, 1989

FA: Jiří Slavík, J.Vlček & K.Bělina, 1980

FA: Jiří Slavík und Petr Slanina, 1995

SX grade unknown, czech JPK grade = VIIb

FA: Karel Bělina & J.Forman, 1980

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