Levý břeh

  • Grade context: SX
  • Photos: 4
  • Ascents: 245
  • Aka: Left bank
  • Aka: Linkes Ufer
  • Aka: Left riverside




walls of left side of Elbe river canyon, including Dolni Zleb (Niedergrund)


Route names were imported in German for most cliffs in Left bank. Adding the czech names is highly appreciated! Data available at http://db-sandsteinklettern.gipfelbuch.de/gipfel.php?sektorid=22

Access issues

Parking in Dolní Žleb is generally allowed along the street. Don't drive to the center of Dolní Žleb (behind railroad) and don't block the road. Arrival via ferry is preferred as the Left-bank street to Děčín is very narrow. Local train operates frequently to Děčín and Bad Schandau with plenty of parking places in both cities' train stations.


Get the local climbing guidebook from U Kosti or HUDY Hřensko.

Where to stay

U Kosti! That's the center of everything in Left bank https://www.ukosti.cz/

Ethic inherited from Labské pískovce

Check particular areas for more detailed rules and nature protecton restrictions. General czech sandstone rules apply in all areas:

  1. Climbing is only allowed on dry rock.

  2. No changing of the rock surface.

  3. No hardware protection (friends, rocks, pitons). The gaps between the ring/bolts may only be filled with slings. UFOs (textile friends) are allowed.

  4. No Toprope if it may damage rock or fixed protection (=in theory allowed if there is a maillon or if you use own quickdraw as anchor point AND there is no rope friction with rock)

  5. First ascents shall be consulted upfront with the area administrator. Contacts available at https://www.horosvaz.cz/skaly-region-2/

  6. Further local rules apply depending on the level of protection. See the particular area details.


History timeline chart

#trad: typically routes created before 1990, long runouts, trad-rack needed, climbed without chalk. Check "Smyslů zbaveni" IXc with no protection in the first 30 meters.

#sport: rather new routes, bolted, shorter runouts (but still measured in metures), chalk generally used

#grade scale is tougher than the one in Saxony Switzerland, approximately by one point.

Clibing started in 1904 when Klarka tower was reached. Climbing was developed first by german climbers and after WWII by czechs. The rules had been very strict regarding first ascents and placing fixed protection resulting in fearless, risky but valuable #trad ascents. In mid 90s, first #sport routes were established and climbing moved rather to high performance direction. Trend of sport routes is still viewed negatively by some trad climbers but its no doubt that the new routes made Labské údolí number one sport location in the Czech republic. Both trad and sport routes coexist next to each other. Choose wisely!



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