Winklerovy věže

  • Grade context: SX
  • Content Quality: Emerging
  • Aka: Winklertürme

Ethic inherited from Labské pískovce

Parts of this climbing area are within the Bohemian Switzerland National Park. For these areas the following restrictions apply:

  1. Climbing is only allowed on peaks and massifs specified by the national park authorities

  2. Please inform yourself about seasonal closures due to breeding birds

  3. First ascents have to be applied befor and have to be authorized by the National Park. Retroactive applications are not possible.

  4. Use marked access paths!



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Grade Route

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FA: Jiří Musil, J. Kašpar & M. Vlk, 1983


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FA: Pavel Bechyně und Marek Scheithauer

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FA: Jiří Slavík & J. Musil, 1984

FA: Jiří Slavík und Petr Slanina & M. Kail, 1992

FA: Petr Slanina und Jiří Slavík, 1993

FA: Josef Rybička & Z.Nedvěd

FA: Pavel Bechyně und Pavel Bucek

FA: Jiří Slavík und Petr Slanina, J. Kašpar & V. Pilař, 1984

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