Access: Temporary closure due to bird nesting

Most of the area is closed due to bird nesting, mainly falcon and black stork. The area closed starts with "Březová věž" and ends with "Jelení věž". Expected until mid June. Thank you for respecting the closure.

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Created 7 weeks ago

Access issues inherited from Tisá

Main parking in centre, approx 2€ per day and safe https://goo.gl/maps/f3ocUojptFtzU7PK7

Another option near "Turistická chata" https://goo.gl/maps/RiugwTMPNVr5aPKo9

Don't ever leave car "U křížku" https://goo.gl/maps/bfjbLG9C8G7CPXch9. That's nr#1 car break-in place.

Ethic inherited from Tisá

  1. Use of chalk is prohibited.

  2. No hardware protection (friends, rocks, pitons). The gaps between the ring/bolts may only be filled with slings. UFOs (textile friends) are allowed.

  3. No changing of the rock surface.

  4. Climbing is only allowed on dry rock and during daylight.

  5. No Toprope if it may damage rock or fixed protection (=in theory allowed if there is a maillon or if you use own quickdraw as anchor point AND there is no rope friction with rock)

  6. No further first ascents are alowed within the PP Tisá protected area

  7. Few routes are closed due to damaged rock. Each of them is noted here in TheCrag.

  8. Some areas may be closed temporarily due to bird nesting.

Referred official document: https://www.horosvaz.cz/res/archive/203/028713.pdf?seek=1522314151



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FA: Václav Šatava & J.Vršovský

FA: Karel Bělina, F.Žid & J.Bechyně, 1988

Handriss und Hangelrippen

FA: Karel Bělina, F. Žid & J. Bechyně, 1988

FA: Václav Šatava jun. und Luděk Šlechta, L.Bendák & J.Vršovský, 2005

FA: Petr Laštovička & R.Litochleb, 1989

FA: Pavel Bechyně, K.Bělina & K.Kruschina, 1988


FA: Karel Bělina, F.Žid & J.Bechyně, 1988

FA: Pavel Bechyně

FA: Václav Šatava jun. & J.Vršovský, 2005

Wand- und Rissspurkletterei

FA: Karel Bělina & J. Král, 1988


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