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Beautiful Island with lots of trad routes along its shore. Check the tides before you go as many routes can't be accessible at high tide

Bumbley Buttress
Dangle dell
Dangle dell
The dome
Dangle dell The dome
VS 5a Slow burn
HVS 5a Zee Tree
VS 4b Eye of the Storm
HVS 5b Fear of Rejection
HVS 5b The First Taste of the Lash Part II
E2 5c Fridge Fingers
E1 5b Crusin' Down the Street in My '64
D Up Your Garden
Dangle dell
Le Pilier Dangle North East Face
Dangle dell Le Pilier Dangle North East Face
E1 5b Prana
E2 6a Electric Storm
E2 5c Captain Incredible Pump Pig. . .
E1 5a The First Taste of Lash Part I
E1 5a Stuart’s Paisley Tie - Direct Finish
HVS 5a Stuart's Paisley Tie
VS 5a Bill's Route
VS 4c Little Green Bug
VS 4c Wishful thinking
VS 4b Dovetail Groove
VS 4c Late Again
HVS 5b Ak Ak Akk Akk Ak
VS 4c They Can't All Be Classics
S 4a Granny Reardon
HS 4b The Wrinkled Stopper
VS 5a I Never Said It Was Any Good
E4 6b Sharp Practice
HVS 5a Ryan's Retainer
HVS 5a Gentle Retainer
E3 6a Brutal Retainer
E3 5c Carry the Can
HVS 5a Beaten To It
Dangle dell
Le Pilier Dangle West Face
Le Pilier Dangle far west
Dangle dell
Dangle dell Dangle dell
VS 4c The edge
HVD Blockbuster
HVD Buster corner
HVS 5a Buster corner direct
HVS 5a Spacehopper
S 4a Layoff
VD Horny ridge
D Slab climb
S 4a Trampoline
D Stepover
D Crow's nest
VD Poop
D Poopette
HS 4a Concave slab
VS 4b Concave Arete
E1 5b It's Tough Kid but it's Life
VS 4c Dangle Angle
HVS 5b Super Direct
E2 5b Lager Frenzy
E4 5c Lager Fool
HVS 5a April Fool
VS 5a The Old Man of Dangle Dell
Dangle dell
Dangle dell far west
Pyramid Cliffs
Grosnez Point
Guano Zawn
Jewel crag
L'ille Agois
La Corbière
La Cotte de St Brelade
La moye
La Nethe Falaise
La prison
La vallette
Le Puleq
Le vyi
Mourier Valley
Rabbit's Bottom
Radar Buttress
Rouge nez
Sheep crag
Sorel Point
The pinnacle
The Rabbit's Head
Trespass point
Wolf's Caves

Showing all 87 nodes.

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