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Grade Route Gear style Popularity Crag
6a Dr Spock Sport 15m, 7 Merenda
6b+ Motorcycle boy Sport 15m, 8 Merenda
5c Salonikios
Sport 22m, 11 Parnitha
5c Sumi Sumi
Sport 10m, 5 Parnitha
5c Panselinos
Sport 21m, 12 Parnitha
6a Saki Taki Manolaki
Sport 30m, 12 Parnitha
6a+ Dr No Sport 15m, 6 Merenda
4c Toni Montana Sport 10m, 5 Merenda
7a DNA

The island's most popular, steep tufa climb. A good introduction to the style. In peak season, come early for a quick onsight or join the crowd until the sun hits.

Set by T. Michaelides & A. Theodoropoulos, 2001

Sport 20m Kalymnos
6b+ Frida Sport 15m, 7 Merenda
5b Svetlana
Sport 12m, 5 Parnitha
6a+ Zahir
Sport 7m, 4 Parnitha
6b+ Cruella De Vil

Set by Yiannis Petromianos & Georgos Aliferis

Sport 15m, 7 Merenda
5c Zorg Sport 15m, 5 Merenda
5b Halarouita

Easiest of the crag

Sport 14m, 9 Parnitha
5c+ Elva
Sport 12m, 6 Parnitha
6b Polyergaleio
Sport 25m, 12 Parnitha
5c+ Fraou

The last of the easy lines to get into the sun, on summer days.

Sport 15m, 6 Parnitha
5c+ Iliovasilema

The crux is near the start on the vertical face, the rest is easy going. The ending is intresting.

Sport 23m, 10 Parnitha
5a Aperando Galazio

A long trip on Acharneis crag, enjoyable from novices but also a good warm up. Good holds all the way.

Shares first bolts with Nisoi Trizonia. Aperanto Galazio bolts are marked with red paint when they separate.

Sport 15m, 10 Parnitha
5c Agapoula
Sport 13m, 6 Parnitha
5c O De Sou Sport 15m, 6 Merenda
5b+ Tis Popis
Sport 16m, 10 Parnitha
6b Monahiki Elia

Set by A. Skevofylakas & K. Lampadarios, 2002

Sport 25m, 9 Kalymnos
5c+ I Dorea

FA: D. Titopoulos, 2010

Sport 15m, 8 Parnitha
6b Carpe Diem
Sport 16m, 8 Kalymnos
5c+ Prothermansi

Be careful, the rope tends to get stuck upon recall. Pull it from as far right as possible.

Sport 30m, 9 Parnitha
6c Willy Wonka

Set by Yiannis Petromianos & Eirini Tsape

Sport 15m, 8 Merenda
6a O Manos Pou Gelaei

FA: D. Titopoulos, 2010

Sport 15m, 7 Parnitha
6b+ Atena

Classy steep line on big holds. Some holds are getting a little polished.

Sport 18m, 8 Kalymnos
6b+ Harakiri

Fabulous steep climbing for the grade. Little polished but no real bother. Enjoy the experience.

Sport 25m, 9 Kalymnos
6b Gia Sena Moro Mou
Sport 20m, 8 Parnitha
5b+ Sholastix Sport 15m, 7 Parnitha
5a Tsotsi Sport 10m, 5 Merenda
5a+ Obelix

Nice training on sidepulls

Sport 12m, 5 Parnitha
6a+ Pentikiour
Sport 20m, 6 Parnitha
6c Frapogalo

Set by Aris Theodoropoulos & Simon Montmory, 2010

Sport 25m, 11 Kalymnos
5b+ Pnoi

FA: D. Titopoulos, 2010

Sport 18m, 9 Parnitha
6a Petagma Aetou Sport 35m Parnitha
6a+ Esthir

Shares the same anchors with "Back to basics", as well as the last bolt.

Sport 7m, 5 Parnitha
6b+ Panselinos
Sport 20m Kalymnos
5a+ Kale Ou Ou

FA: D. Titopoulos, 2010

Sport 20m, 11 Parnitha
6a Hahas

6a+ if you go direct, much easier from the sides.

Sport 15m, 6 Parnitha
5c Idefix Sport 14m, 6 Parnitha
6a Pagoto
Sport 20m, 8 Parnitha
6c Feta

Solid tufa action at the grade. Pumpy but possible kneebars and stemming. Not so obvious top section.

Sport 18m Kalymnos
7a Kerveros
Sport 30m Kalymnos
6c/c+ Remember Wadi Rum

This crag-classic is so popular that the polish at the top makes using your feet quite hard.

Sport 25m Kalymnos
5c Gerobisbikis Sport 20m, 10 Parnitha
6a Claudice

Underneath is written 6a, which seems more correct

Sport 12m, 6 Parnitha
5b Back to basics

Shares the same anchors with "Esthir", as well as the last bolt.

Sport 7m, 7 Parnitha
6a+ Katsikisio Gala
Sport 20m, 10 Parnitha
6c Armegedon
Sport 30m, 12 Parnitha
5c Thanaso Sport 35m, 15 Parnitha
5a Poios me Poion

FA: D. Titopoulos, 2010

Sport 20m, 9 Parnitha
6a Eisai Kai Poli Kamaki
Sport 15m, 6 Parnitha
6b Floropitouras
Sport 20m, 6 Parnitha
5a Tzoulia Sport 9m, 5 Parnitha
5b Trizonia Direct

Direct start for Nisoi Trizonia, then, after 4 bolts it joins the Nisoi route.

The crux is the starting sequence

Sport 15m, 12 Parnitha
5c+ Laertes

A classy warm up.

Sport 18m, 6 Kalymnos
5c Elton
Sport 8m, 5 Parnitha
7a Mad Max Sport 15m, 8 Merenda
6b+ KalyNikhla

Beautiful but pumpy climbing on tufa blobs. The first bolts are quite spaced.

Set by Boris Girardin, Claude Remy & Yves Remy, 2005

Sport 25m, 9 Kalymnos
4c+ Goofis Sport 9m, 6 Parnitha
4a IQ4 Sport 9m, 5 Parnitha
5a+ Elanion Sport 10m, 10 Parnitha
5c Amousia Sport 15m, 4 Penteli
4c Roukounas

The crux is a bit hard than someone would think for 4c. Shares anchors with Halarouita

Sport 11m, 6 Parnitha
5c Poniro
Sport 10m, 6 Parnitha
6c+ Les Amazones

A popular climb with unique tufa formations. Technique and boulder strength.

Sport 30m Kalymnos
5c+ Andriki Sport 15m, 7 Parnitha
5a Dios Sotiros Sport 9m, 8 Parnitha
4a Halaruita

Easiest of the Crag, shares anchors with Roukounas

Set by A. Theodoropoulos, 2010

Sport 8m, 5 Parnitha
6a Happy Girlfriend

Slab and juggy tufas.

Set by A. Theodoropoulos, 2008

Sport 15m Kalymnos
6b Mavro Pipini
Sport 20m, 10 Parnitha
7a Kastor
Sport 15m Kalymnos
6a+ Pyladis Sport 20m, 8 Parnitha
5c Ligo Akoma Sport 10m, 3 Penteli
6b Master Pipilas Sport 12m, 5 Parnitha
5c Carlito Smile Sport 18m, 7 Parnitha
5b+ Kleoniki Sport 35m, 16 Parnitha
6c Taz

Set by A. Skevofylakas & K. Lampadarios, 2002

Sport 27m Kalymnos
6b+ Kokkinoula Sport 25m, 10 Parnitha
5b Skroutz

New anchors. Updated 27/5/19

Sport 9m, 5 Parnitha
6b Moto Fotis Sport 20m, 8 Parnitha
6b Wild sex
Sport 25m, 9 Kalymnos
6b+ Pabrokolo Sport 20m, 9 Parnitha
6c Ciao Vecchio
Sport 20m Kalymnos
6a+ To afanés
Sport 27m, 10 Iera Odos
5c+ Kagouras Sport 20m, 6 Parnitha
6a+ Norma Sport 20m Merenda
7a+ Ivi

A little bit harder but at least as good as DNA. One reachy move makes it harder for the short.

Set 2002

Sport 20m Kalymnos
6c+ Dafni
Sport 30m Kalymnos
6b+ Kali Hronia
Sport 25m, 9 Parnitha
4b Sourotiri Sport 10m, 5 Parnitha
6a Bonsai

FA: D. Tsitsikas, 2009

Sport 30m, 11 Parnitha
5 Damokles
Sport 22m, 10 Sankt Lorenz
6 Chaos
Sport 24m, 10 Sankt Lorenz
6b Parapic Sport 18m Paschga
4c Mavros Pit

New anchors. Updated 27/5/19

Sport 9m, 7 Parnitha

Showing 1 - 100 out of more than 10,000 routes.

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