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Access issues inherited from France

Some privately owned climbing areas may have restricted access. Check with

Ethic inherited from France

Park where indicated, take care of the environment, buy the local guidebook when possible (this is one of the ways you can help local route setters), clean up your shoes before climbing, don't spray beta, be polite.



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Author(s): B. Maurin and T. Souchard

Date: 2020

ISBN: 9782957118007

A selective guidebook describing 150 multi-pitch rock climbing routes in Bavella, covering a wide of routes from AD to ED with the emphasis on adventure climbing that is the norm in Bavella.

Author(s): Bertrand Maurin und Thierry Souchard

Date: 2022

ISBN: 9782957118021

Das Standardwerk für Korsika / Corsica. Beschrieben werden mehr als 2700 Routen in 87 verschiedenen Klettergebieten.

Author(s): Bertrand Maurin and Thierry Souchard

Date: 2021

ISBN: 9782957118014

This is a selective guidebook describing the best multi-pitch traditional and sport rock climbing routes in Corsica outside of the Bavella Massif, covering mainly in the northwest of the island including the limestone areas around Corti, the granite areas north of Aiacciu, and the Gorges de la Restonica near Corti.

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