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Access issues inherited from France

Some privately owned climbing areas may have restricted access. Check with

Ethic inherited from France

Park where indicated, take care of the environment, buy the local guidebook when possible (this is one of the ways you can help local route setters), clean up your shoes before climbing, don't spray beta, be polite.


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Grade Route
1 6c 30m
2 6a 10m

Set: Guy Abert, 2009

1 6b 35m
2 5c 20m

Set: Guy Abert, 2009

1 5c
2 6a
3 5c
4 6a
5 6a+

Set: Eric Luquel

1 7a 20m
2 5c 15m
3 5c 20m

Set: Guy Abert, 2009

1 6c
2 6b
3 6b+

Set: Jean-Louis Fenouil & Eric Limongi

1 3c
2 4c
3 5b
4 6b+ A0

Same first three pitches as "Voie du belvédère" then goes straight up.

Set: Frédéric Neulet, 1991

1 3c
2 4c
3 5b
4 6b
5 6a

FA: Roger Canese, Pierre Coquillon & Daniel Quet, 1968

Maint: Frédéric Neulet, 1995

1 5c
2 6c
3 6a

Maint: Eric Valls

FA: Pierre Coquillon & Eric Valls, 2002

1 6c
2 6b A0
3 6b

Set: Hervé Guigliarelli

1 5c
2 6b+
3 7a
4 6a

FA: Alain Dupaquis & Jean-Louis Fenouil

1 5c
2 6b
3 6c A1
4 4c

FA: Frédéric Neulet, Michel Delmas & Daniel Quet, 1991

Maint: Frédéric Neulet, 1996

Maint: Jean-Louis Fenouil, Alain Dupaquis, Fabien Squitieri & Ivan Dufresne, 2021

1 5c
2 5c
3 6a A0
4 4c

Set: M. Delmas, Frédéric Neulet & J.C. Neulet, 1996

1 6b
2 6a+
3 6b
4 6c+
5 5c
6 6b
7 6b

Set: Francis Elichabe

1 6b
2 6a
3 6a+
4 6b+
5 7b
6 6a
7 6c
8 6a+

FA: Alain Dupaquis, Jean-Louis Fenouil, Rodolphe Lamontellerie & Cédric Tassan

Maint: Jean Louis Fenouil, Alain Dupaquis & Ivan Dufresne, 2021

1 3a
2 6c+
3 6c
4 6c
5 4a
6 6b
7 5c

Set: Hervé Guigliarelli

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Author(s): G. Bernard, G. Grouot, H. Guigliarelli

Date: 2012

650 Wege direkt an der französischen Riviera zwischen Cassis und La Ciotat.

Author(s): Chris Craggs

Date: 2017

ISBN: 9781873341285

A selective guidebook describing 10 major sport climbing areas in the Cote d’Azur region, which are Verdon Gorge, Sainte Victoire, Les Calanques, Toulon area, Chateavert, Chateaudouble, Massif del’Esterel, Gorges du Loup, Saint-Jeannet, and around the Monaco. area.

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