A combination of Bain de Sang and Bimbaluna. Maybe one of the hardest slabs in the world.

Route history

11 Jan 2020First free ascent: Alessandro Zeni



Lat/Lon: 46.66982, 6.50032

Grade citation

9b Assigned grade


Respect the place and its surroundings. Pay attention to wildlife. There are periods of the year where some sectors are "closed" in order to let nature do its magic. Make sure you respect the quietness of the hospital surroundings.

inherited from Saint Loup


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Author(s): Christophe Mironneau, Carine & Christophe Devaux Girardin, Céline Stern, Pierre-Denis Perrin

Date: 2022

ISBN: 978-3-85902-476-2

Author(s): Ulrich & Harald Röker

Date: 2023

ISBN: 9783938680513

All important bouldering areas of northern Switzerland, including the high passes, are presented in detail / 17 bouldering hot spots with over 4150 boulder problems between Schaffhausen and the main ridge of the Alps. It covers Kesslerloch, Magic Wood, Engelberg, Blattiswald, Morschach, Schöllenen, Göschenen, Gotthardpass, Nufenenpass, Minstigertal, Furkapass, Sustenpass, Steingletscher, Grimselpass, Fuxenstein, Kandersteg, Goppenstein.

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