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Grade Route Gear style Quality Climber
Sat 31st May 2014 - Servieres-le-Chateau
6a+ Bord dur

Tough start then nice climbing

Sport 18m, 6
John Lattanzio
6b Burly Roof

Burly roof start and steep all the way nice climbing. Don't know it's name

Sport 10m, 5 Good
John Lattanzio
Bord d'attaque

A classic little arête with great moves and just a little barn door.

Sport 18m, 6 Very Good
John Lattanzio
5b Bord niche

A good warm up for this area.

Sport 18m, 6 Good
John Lattanzio
6b Trident

A burly start with nice slab climbing above

Sport 35m, 7 Good
John Lattanzio
6a+ Retiarius

Gave it this name cause it didn't have one in the guide. Change it if you know what it is. Great climb following a seam after a steep start.

Sport 18m, 7 Good
John Lattanzio

Showing all 6 ascents.

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