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Start variation of 'Windkanal'. Starts right around the corner on two finger pockets. Don't use the corner as a hold!

#SD Sit start variation of 'Windkanal'.

Variation of 'Windkanal'. Don't use the big hold right around the corner.

Same start as 'Windkanal', finishes with 'Grauzone'.

Variation of 'Land in Sicht'. From the start, directly up to the one-finger pocket.

#SD Sit-start variation of 'Beverly Hills 90210'.

Only use the three artificial jugs.

Variation of 'Explosion' using the additional knob hold to the right.

Artifical holds right of 'Zenit'.

Variation of 'Wutanfall', without the last finger pocket.

Variation of '6. Sinn', without the second last hold.

#SD Sit-start variation of 'Schattenwand', using the two three-finger pockets.

#SD Sit-start variation of 'Katapult'.

Starts with 'Katapult', then all the way through the tunnel, finishing with 'Splitter' (Südseite).

Set: Rico Schumann, Jun 2012

#SD Sit-start variation of 'Befreiung'.

#SD Lefthand variation of 'Sandhüpfer'.

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