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Author(s): M. Stadler

Date: 2023

The Climbing Guidebook Bavarian Alps Volume 1 - Chiemgau and Berchtesgaden including Kampenwand is part of a three-volume series

Areas: Chiemgau , Berchtesgadener Land

Author(s): T. Lamprecht

Date: 2017

Areas: Kochel

Author(s): R. Gemza, M. Oswald, C. Pfanzelt

Date: 2021

Areas: Wettersteingebirge

Author(s): J. Brüderl, R.Kühberger

Date: 2020

Areas: Watzmann

Author(s): Florian Wenter & Lorenz Delago

Date: 2017

ISBN: 9783956110733

A selective guidebook covers the best bouldering areas in the central Alps across Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Italy, including Magic Wood and Mello.

Areas: Kochel

Author(s): Florian Wenter

Date: 2017

ISBN: 9783956111259

A selective guidebook describing the bouldering in the eastern side of the Alps in northeast Italy, Austria and southern Germany, including Zillertal, Maltatal and the Dolomites

Areas: Hochkalter-Massiv , Blockwelt Sudelfeld

Author(s): R. Heiland

Date: 2022

Areas: Oberammergau , Pürschling

Showing all 9 publications.

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