Many routes, new bolts but no names at the base of the routes. On the right side, easy routes for beginners, on the left side hard steep stuff. Great view of lake Aliakmonas as you climb.


Photos of the routes can be found in the Facebook page :Αναρριχητικά πεδία στην Βέροια


ATTENTION: during the spring/summer, bees tend to nest in the holes of the left part of the crag. Be careful and show respect.

Access issues

Exit the highway to Veroia. Turn left and head southeast to village Agia Varvara. After the village, pass the bridge of the artificial lake and turn immediately right (there is a little church on the crossing). Keep straight for 4km (pass the tunnels) and find on your right hand the second and bigger parking area (there is another one 100m before) and on your left hand the sign of the crag (Anarrixitiko pedio NIKOS PITOULIAS). From the parking site you can easily watch the crag up and a little bit to the left.


Easy path:5min.

Where to stay

You can either camp right on the crag (fireplace and organised tables) either on the parking site. In case of staying on on the crag, mind the cars: in the past some thievery accidents occurred to the parked cars. Another good (but cold) alternative is the site on the left of the road, 200m after the parking site. There is a campfire and wooden tables, there is spring water and plenty of shade. During the night due to the spring and the trees, there is a lot of humidity.


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Grade Route

The first route found in the crag, at the very right part of it.

The second route at the right (upper) part of the crag

On the left of Bolek.

Be careful of the unstable rocks.

Be careful of the unstable rocks in the beginning.

Set: Michalis Ntaoufas & Achilleas Choursoulidis

Beautiful warm up route.

On the left of Skinothetis, on the right of Giorikas. Start left of Giorikas on the vegetated terrain and then go right.

Set: Giorgos Galios

Vegetated easy terrain. Could be climbed only with trad gear. In case you have a 60- rope, take care while lowering the lead climber.

Right on the pillar that you face as you enter the crag.

Easy vegetated first pitch. Second pitch: dihedral/chimney climbing. Can be climbed with trad gear easily.

Starts from.the left vegetated ramp, in the middle of the crag. On the left of X.X., the route goes to the right, just a little bit on the left of X.X. dihedral. Careful on the lowering of the lead climber. Maybe abseil needed. Could be climbed with trad gear.

Starts from Giorikas and in the middle goes straight up. New bolts on the upper part. The anchor is hidden into the bushes. Vertical climb in the end.

Set: Giorgos Galios

Starts from the left ramp, the one in the middle of the crag. Goes into a small chimney. First pitch straight ahead. Meets Sofia to the anchor.

Starts from the top of the ramp of Fofo. You can climb the route TseXoSiMo or Physiotherapy or the first pitch of Moggolian street instead. Meets with Fofo at the first anchor.

ATTENTION: On the last attempt, the plaquette after the crux was missing (only bolt). You can continue traversing till the anchor.

Second pitch goes right, up, traverse left and then straight ahead up. New bolts on the upper part of the second pitch.

Avoid a straight attempt (2pitches), due to rope friction.

You can continue to the top with a small trad route. Mysterious return by the forest (find the road to the monastery on the right? or abseil till R2).

Easy route in the middle-left part of the crag. Goes to anchor where Sofia starts.

Easy route in the middle-left part of the crag

First pitch: Easy pitch till the big ledge with the distinct anchors. Second pitch: beautiful dihedral climbing. Small runout in the end till R2. Third pitch: goes up and then right till the big ledge with the huge rusted piton. Be careful due to unstable rocks (especially when the crag is crowded). Ends to the same anchor with Sofia. Abseil down by the route Fofo.

Wide crack, starts from the path which goes to the left part of the crag. Usually slippery holds.

Old route, old bolts. Few attempts.

New route, on the left of Karagiozis.

New route.

Beautiful tufa climbing in the beginning, difficult exit with holes at the end.


First pitch 6b: Beautiful route!! Difficult slab start, black holes and tufas in the middle, vertical ending. In the end there is a big hole with a raven nest. In case ravens fly around, be respectful.

Second pitch: 7a

At the base of the route there is a plaquette in honour of Christodouloa Delibaltas (old climber from Veroia)

Set: Christodoulos Delibaltas, Nikos & Nikos Matsakas

Difficult vertical start. Few attempts. First pitch 7a. Second pitch 5c.

Long route. 2x60m ropes to abseil down. Aerial abseil.


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