This crag lies in the upper part of the Gorge and is nort-east oriented.

Access issues inherited from The Gorge of Xerokambos

Be considerate of nature.


The easy way how to get to the canyon is to use a regular path from the Xerokambos. It takes you 50 minutes to get to our sectors "Red Rock" and "Kókkino Vrácho". The second possibility is to go with a car above the canyon and descend to the canyon from the top. In this case, you park two kilometers before the village Hametoulo ( road from Xerokambos to Ziros). Go along the yellow mark from the parking lot to the canyon. This route takes 15 minutes. However, there is at least one difficult place where you have to abseil down eight meters. There is a fixed rope installed. Be aware that you are descending in a highly protected area ( Natura 2000, archeological site).

Where to stay

Xerokambos or Zakros.

Ethic inherited from The Gorge of Xerokambos

Big birds like eagles and vultures are nesting in this canyon during spring. So be aware of this fact.


History timeline chart

Petr Fiala opened this crag for climbing in 2019.


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Grade Route

Open project. The first project bolted in the area. It leads to the top of the crag, so it is possible to get from here to the car, if you park close to the road Ziros-Xerokambos.

This route is open project that ends at the first belay station of the Red Rock Route.

Open project. It leads to the top of the crag, so it is possible to get from here to the car, if you park close to the road Ziros-Xerokambos.

Open project.

Beautiful route leading to the top of the crag. Open project.

Open project.

Open project.

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Author(s): Bugada

Date: 2009

ISBN: 9782952637817

A selective guidebook describing 6 different rock climbing areas in Crete in the central part of the island, including the crag of Agiofarango, and covering over 250 routes.

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