Sikati Cave is a wild, massive hole in the ground which looks like it’s been created by a giant meteorite impact. Climbers call it Sikati, but the locals call it Alatsia. Sikati is an enormous cave with no roof, a diameter of 50-60m, and a depth of 70m at parts. Its surrounding walls are full of tufas and stalactites. Inside Sikati Cave the steep, overhanging limestone is “out of this world” with enormously long routes up the walls, and ‘trade-mark’ Kalymnian 3D climbing.

Access issues

The bolts in this crag are prone to rusting. In Dec 2019 the guidebook author Aris T. wrote the following: We will start with [rebolting] "Morgan", but the whole Sikati cave crag is planned for rebolting." From the context it appears like Aris T. and team will use titanium glue-in bolts.


A 2km hike from here [37.0503, 26.9520]. It's also possible to hire a boat to Sikati beach. Detailed approach notes in the local guidebook. Alternatively you can scout the path on google maps - the path is quite obvious from above.

The access to the sector itself can be done via rap-in bolts or via a fixed rope (replaced in 2018 after the old rope was in dangerous condition).

Ethic inherited from Kalymnos

  • Use established paths and close gates behind you
  • Leave no trash behind
  • Use your own gear for toproping
  • Use clippable anchor gear only for stripping the quickdraws



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Grade Route

An impressive, rightward leaning line of tufas with a crux sequence on small holds. The bolts are far apart for Kaly standards.

Warning Fixed Gear: Potentially bad gear.

Probably not your first 7a. A stiff intro, some intimidating moves on mushrooms and a bouldery crux higher up. The bolts are far apart for Kaly standards.

1 7a 26m
2 7b+ 22m
3 7c 22m

Warning Fixed Gear: Crux bolt nut loose

Warning Fixed Gear: 2nd bolt without hanger and rusty.

Continuously interesting climbing on picture-perfect Kaly style rock. Good rests and a crux on tufa pipes.

A technical intro, some nice tufas and a crucial hidden hold.

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Check out what is happening in Sikati Cave.

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