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Grade Route Gear style Popularity
Hero crag
7c Fight Sport
6c Wolf in the Middle Age Sport
8b Final Distant Sport
7c All the Way West Sport
7b+ Dancing with the River Sport
6b+ Italian Boot Sport
6b Pink Lady Sport
6a+ Lucky Road Sport
6c The Player Sport
7a Candy Brother Sport
7a Lost Jungle Sport
6c+ Wonder Boy Sport
6c Wonder Woman Sport
8a+ Hidden Evil Sport
7b Dr Lion Sport
7b Magic Palm Sport
Hero boulders
V4 River solo Boulder
V5 Channel Boulder
V2 Stepping stone Boulder
V6 Spice girl Boulder
V5 Spice boy Boulder
V7 X Men Boulder
V6 Endless world Boulder
V5 Bear hug Boulder
V3 Piano Boulder
V7 Kung Fu direct Boulder
V6 Kung Fu Boulder
V2 Busy corner Boulder
V7 Angel's Angle Boulder
V3 Angel's direct Boulder
V1 Beginner Arête Boulder
V4 King Ghost Boulder
V8 Diamond Traverse Boulder
V5 Sloppy Road Boulder
V4 Diamond Arête Boulder
V2 Balance Dance Boulder
V8 Super Bowl Boulder
V2 Party BBQ Boulder
V6 Killer Fish Boulder
V3 Fear wall Boulder
V2 Green slab Boulder
V3 Big Knife Boulder
V4 Solomon Traverse Boulder
V4 Hidden Jungle Boulder
V2 Hidden Wall Boulder
V6 Amazing movement Boulder
7c+ Horizontal Mile Sport
7c Wolverine Sport
8a Phoenix in Fire Sport
6b Phoenix Sport
8a+ Mystique Sport
7a Storm Sport
7b Spiders Web Sport
7c Magneto Sport
7b Double Trouble Sport
6c Broken Stone Sport
6b Happy Pig Year Sport
X-File SportProject

Showing all 58 routes.

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