Biggest crag in the region with lots of (mainly sports) climbs in spectactular canyon setting within a national park.


Ein Prat, is the name of the spring gushing forth beneath the cliffs of Wadi Qelt, a uniqe canyon located in the West Bank that contains over 30 meters faces and is built from solid limestone. This place is one of a kind because it's connecting Mediterranean and desert climate. It is the largest crag in Israel/Palestine containing more than 100 routes in high quality limestone. There is lots of wild-life in the area and on quiet days there is ample opportunity to see rock hyrax, gazellas, birds and other animals.

Access issues

Ein Farah/Ein Prat is part of an National Park called Wadi Qelt within Area C (Israel controlled) of Palestine's West Bank. You can climb from sunrise to sunset within the permitted zone. The quickest access is through the National Park where an entrance fee is requested. You can also chose the longer hike in without entering the National Park, but in that case you have to limit your climbing to the Southern Cliff. Be ware that you are within the military occupied West Bank and that you will have to pass armed checkpoints, soldiers and security forces depending on from where you approach.


There are three ways to get to the crag:

  1. Park your car outside the main gate of the NP, take the marked trail down to the stream. (a beautiful walk of 15-25 minutes, depends if you going to the south or the north cliff). If you choose this option you can climb until sunset.

  2. Enter the NP with your car NP, park on the parking lot near the stream down the valley (2 minutes walk to the northern cliff and 10 minutes walk to the southern cliff). If you choose this option you need to get out of the Park before sunset (at summer in 5:00 PM and in winter at 4:00 PM).

  3. Park your car out side the gates of the Almon settlement, and follow the fence in a north-eastern direction until you hit a green marked hiking trail that will lead you down the valley to the cliff (the trail is a little distance to the left of the fence).

Where to stay

The crag is very close to Jerusalem and Ramallah which offer lots of accomodation options. No camping at the crag.


Ein Farah is located within an Israeli National Park. Climbing is only allowed within the area indicated by signs. Please be friendly to park rangers and take your trash home.


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