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Grade Route Gear style Popularity Crag
Gri Gri lernt fliegen

Full length.

SportProject 35m Kirchler
6b+ Piaztraum Sport 25m Kirchler
6a MaPet Sport 30m Kirchler
6c Hotel Erika Sport 26m Kirchler
6c Anwärterriss

Same start as Hotel Erika but then right.

Sport 26m Kirchler
7b Die Sehnsucht bleibt Sport 24m Kirchler
6b+ Evolution

Shares the beginning with "Die Sehnsucht bleibt" but then right.

Sport 170m Kirchler
6b Genuss plus Sport 18m Kirchler
7a Maigewitter Sport 18m Kirchler
7a Murmeltierprinzessin
1 6b
2 6c
3 7a
4 5c
Sport 84m, 4 Kirchler
7a Traumtänzer Sport 20m Kirchler
6c+ Saugfinger Sport 20m Kirchler
6c Halbmond
1 6b+ 16m
2 6c 12m

Shares second anchor with Saugfinger.

Sport 28m, 2 Kirchler
7b Banküberfall

Shares first anchor with Halbmond.

Sport 16m Kirchler
7a+ Hands up Sport 16m Kirchler
6c Fragil
1 6a
2 6a+
3 6a
4 6c
5 6b
Sport 110m, 5 Kirchler
7b+ Schnabel
1 7b+
2 7b+
3 7a+
4 7a
Sport 160m, 4 Kirchler
Schnabel Variante

Left exit on top.

SportProject 150m Kirchler
7a+ Kalte Finger Sport 28m Kirchler
7a+ Pustertaler freiheit Sport 25m Kirchler
6c Namaste
1 6b 20m
2 6c 15m
Sport 35m, 2 Kirchler
6c Gri Gri lernt fliegen L1

To the first anchor.

Sport 25m Kirchler

Showing all 22 routes.

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