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Grade Route Gear style Popularity Crag
7a Traumtänzer Sport 20m Kirchler
Gri Gri lernt fliegen

Full length.

SportProject 35m Kirchler
6c+ Saugfinger Sport 20m Kirchler
6b+ Piaztraum Sport 25m Kirchler
6c Halbmond
1 6b+ 16m
2 6c 12m

Shares second anchor with Saugfinger.

Sport 28m, 2 Kirchler
6a MaPet Sport 30m Kirchler
7b Banküberfall

Shares first anchor with Halbmond.

Sport 16m Kirchler
6c Hotel Erika Sport 26m Kirchler
7a+ Hands up Sport 16m Kirchler
6c Anwärterriss

Same start as Hotel Erika but then right.

Sport 26m Kirchler
6c Fragil
1 6a
2 6a+
3 6a
4 6c
5 6b
Sport 110m, 5 Kirchler
7b Die Sehnsucht bleibt Sport 24m Kirchler
7b+ Schnabel
1 7b+
2 7b+
3 7a+
4 7a
Sport 160m, 4 Kirchler
6b+ Evolution

Shares the beginning with "Die Sehnsucht bleibt" but then right.

Sport 170m Kirchler
Schnabel Variante

Left exit on top.

SportProject 150m Kirchler
7a+ Kalte Finger Sport 28m Kirchler
6b Genuss plus Sport 18m Kirchler
7a+ Pustertaler freiheit Sport 25m Kirchler
7a Maigewitter Sport 18m Kirchler
6c Namaste
1 6b 20m
2 6c 15m
Sport 35m, 2 Kirchler
7a Murmeltierprinzessin
1 6b
2 6c
3 7a
4 5c
Sport 84m, 4 Kirchler
6c Gri Gri lernt fliegen L1

To the first anchor.

Sport 25m Kirchler

Showing all 22 routes.

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