Shaded all day long, best in really hot summer days


It is a bigger wall then you can immagine from the road Park close to the river in the parking lot facing the abandone tunnel of Ciriegia. Scramble towards the small stream and cross it to the right, then keep going up directly to the wall on its left end

Descent notes

Rappelling from the top (possible just one long 60 m rappel from left side of the pillar on 'Superlama'


History timeline chart

The area has been descovered by local italian mountain guide Paolo Cavallo who bolted three among the four route One more was added later by another italian guide Luca Salsotto



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Grade Route
1 6b
2 7a+
3 7a+ A0
4 6c+

first pitch is now bolted and follow a nice long crack,after is a steep wall climbing

FA: Luca Salsotto, ernesto d'angelo & roby fantino, 1995

1 6a+
2 6a
3 6a

start on the left of the wall in its lower point near a tree

FA: Paolo cavallo

1 6a
2 5c

FA: Paolo Cavallo

1 6a
2 6a
3 5c

The last pitch has a few bolts and was added later, less interesting but allow you to go to the top of the pillar

FA: Paolo Cavallo

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Author(s): Severino Scassa

Date: 2010

ISBN: 9788887890891

A definitive guidebook describing the sport climbing and rock climbing around Cuneo, covering 77 areas including the crag of Andonno.

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